Fake Hate Crimes at Two Colleges

fake hate crimes

In two different fake hate crimes at two different colleges in November leads to the question: are these students trying to get attention?  And why do they want that kind of attention?

Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

According to WeAreIowa,

On November 15, two female Drake University students reported to Drake officials, and the Des Moines Police Department, that they had received harassing notes slid under their dormitory door at Herriott Hall. The content of the notes was racist in nature. An investigation was initiated by both the Des Moines Police Department and the Drake University Department of Public Safety.

A few days later, on November 28, these same students reported receiving a third note, similar to the previous ones. Through the course of the investigation, Des Moines Police Department detectives and Drake University officials have determined that this note was not received in the manner as it was reported. 

Kissie Ram was charged with false report to a public entity, and was only charged with the last note, not the first two, even though she confessed to writing them. She faces possible expulsion from school and up to a year in jail.

Kissie Ram – Facebook photo

The notes prompted a rally against racism on the campus, and evoked a sense of fear among minority students. Another racist note sent to student Keith Walker, is believed to be a real crime. The suspect in that incident has not been found but is being investigated by police.

“The fact that the actions of the student who has admitted guilt were propelled by motives other than hate does not minimize the worry and emotional harm they caused, but should temper fears.” Drake University President Marty Martin to the Des Moines Register

Goucher College, Towson, Maryland

A student named Fynn Ajani Arthur, 21, was charged with two counts of Malicious Destruction of property after he allegedly wrote racist graffiti in a bathroom stall at the college. His actions also provoked protests against racism on campus.

Fynn Ajani Arthur – Police photo

WMAR2 reported,

The first incident was discovered on November 14 in the Heubeck-Jeffery dormitory bathroom. There, a student found a swastika symbol, a racially motivated threat, and three dormitory room numbers which were occupied by black male students, written in permanent black marker in a stall. 

Students in those rooms were interviewed, but none of them could provide any suspect information or motive for the graffiti. One of the suspects interviewed was Arthur. 

Thursday afternoon, more racially charged graffiti was found in the second-floor bathroom stall of the same building. This time the graffiti included swastikas, KKK, and appeared to include the last names of four black students, including Arthur.

We have no real answers as to why these students created havoc by committing fake hate crimes against their fellow students.