Fake Federal Agents Gave Lavish Gifts to Secret Service Agents

Faye Higbee

Four Secret Service agents are on administrative leave after it was learned that two men posing as Federal Agents from the Department of Homeland Security gave them “gifts.” Those “gifts” were substantial: a penthouse apartment worth $40,000 per month, guns, iPhones, surveillance equipment, and many other things. One of the Secret Service agents who was given gifts was previously assigned to protect Jill Biden. All of it was given to them by two men: Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 36. Both were arrested on Wednesday and charged with posing as federal agents. The two men are to appear in court on Thursday. The complaint was filed “under seal.”

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Taherzadeh and Ali posed as members of a fake task force attached to the DHS that supposedly investigated the Jan 6, 2021 incident. The fake federal agents were able to freely mingle with other federal agents, and used their position to “ingratiate” themselves to Secret Service agents. For what ultimate purpose is an open question that is under investigation.

Prosecutors allege that Taherzadeh and Ali obtained firearms, which include handguns and assault rifles that are used by federal law enforcement agencies.

Taherzadeh provided members of the U.S. Secret Service with rent-free apartments, iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat screen television, storage for an assault rifle, and more, prosecutors say…

Taherzadeh also provided one Secret Service agent with a rent-free three-bedroom apartment, valued at $48,240. The Secret Service agent stayed at the apartment from February 2021 to January 2022, according to prosecutors.


The scheme was revealed when a mail carrier was assaulted in the apartment building where Taherzadeh and Ali lived. The US Postal inspector went to investigate the incident and was told by residents that the two men had set up surveillance in the complex and could access their private information, including accessing their cell phones. The two men identified themselves: Ali claimed he was an analyst at the “US Special Police Investigation Unit” which he described as part of Homeland Security, and Taherzadeh said he was a Department of Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent. The Postal inspector gave that information to DHS, who referred it to the FBI.

The two men pulled off an elaborate ruse. Taherzadeh took “selfies”of himself in a police-style tactical vest, and one with gear.

Screenshot via the Department of Justice
Screenshot via Department of Justice

He showed a photo in which he claimed to be in a law enforcement class that was actually taken from a social media post from the HSI. That these two were able to pull off being fake Federal agents for two years is horrific. The two men were able to obtain firearms and gear used by federal agents. Corruption appears to work wonders.

One wider question here is, to what end? The investigation is ongoing, but why did they work so hard to corrupt Secret Service Agents? Why did the Secret Service agents accept such lavish gifts without raising a red flag? Why did they want to be involved with Federal agencies, those in particular? Their “gifts” were expensive ones – so the price tag of their scheme was huge. Nobody spends that much money unless there is a plan and a desired end result.


Featured screenshot via KXAN

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