Fabio Martinez, Retired Navy Cmdr, Issues Warning on Socialism

By Faye Higbee

Retired Navy Cmdr Fabio Martinez served 22 years in the United States Navy, from 1978-2000. Originally from Colombia, he is well aware of socialism and communism and its many forms because he lived through them. But when he learned some important things about his native country, he tried to tell the United States and was dismissed as “exaggerating” the issue. That’s when he found out about our own “deep state.”

Cmdr Fabio Martinez

After his service, Cmdr Martinez moved to the country of his birth because he thought their new President was getting rid of narco-traffickers, guerilla fighters, corruption, and common criminals. For a while, things went well. Then a new candidate arrived, a man who claimed to be the “peace” president…President Santos.

“…convinced the voters that he was the PEACE president! That was the code word he used, as well as that of many other communist leaders of the 21st century who are also using it to secretly say “communist revolution”. They use the code word PEACE, because no one will oppose them. And this is how president Santos won his 2008 election and conned everyone!

Now socialism was put in place in Colombia without anybody knowing it under the name of democracy and Peace! Judges aligned with the Cuban regime and pardoning guerrilla narcos, generals coming and going secretly to Cuba, amnesties being given to communist guerrilla fighters who by the way are now serving in Congress, some of whom had several aggravated criminal narco trafficking convictions. When all these events started to become clear, I decided to lead an informational group to alert the common citizenry and I came to visit the US State Department, the US Justice Department and the US Senate Foreign relations committee, to inform them of what was really happening in Colombia.” Fabio Martinez

Terrorism, socialism on our doorstep

Cmdr Martinez, to his dismay, found many US officials who blew him off. They weren’t interested in learning about what FARC or other terrorists were up to because they were part of the “peace” process now. Martinez showed them pictures, and told about the concessions that were being given. He told them about the infiltration of Hezbollah into Venezuela and Colombia, and how they were being trained.

Even the Cmdr’s own nephew, who was involved in supposedly “burning” the drug labs, told him the labs were being allowed to move around. Telling the DOJ drug division did no good whatsoever. He was told that he was “exaggerating.”

So he liquidated his Colombian holdings and moved back to the United States in 2015.

But little did I know, that everything I had witnessed in Colombia was indeed happening here as well! In an identical manner! 1. The press had been totally bought and is being used to smear the characters of people who are uncovering their plot, 2. the court system is extremely one sided, 3. the primary and secondary school system as well as the university system is severely infiltrated by teachers and professors, who on their off days wear T-shirts with the silhouette of Ernesto Che Guevara (Communist Guerrilla Icon) or a russian symbol and even the US military has been taken a hit by changing some historical and traditional policies to make room to accommodate the new wave of “thinkers”.

The US foreign policy as well as international agencies like WHO, UN, OAS, IDB, PAHO, USAID and others have been taken over and this is the reason why we are seeing policies like late term abortion, allowing girls to marry at 14 years of age, explicit sex education for 7-8 year olds in public schools, banning of the pledge of allegiance, city councilors aligning city ordinances with sharia law etc, etc. 

© Omar Bula-Escobar

FARC, the narcotics trafficking organization that was supposedly involved in a “Peace process” with “talks” in Havana, Cuba was at one time designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. With the help of FARC, as well as the left-wing Marxist ELN- National Liberation Army- Iran and Hezbollah have infiltrated Venezuela and Colombia. Although the retired Navy Cmdr told this information to the State Department, they didn’t seem interested. It’s the “air of legitimacy” that is completely deceiving.

“Did you ever think that US withdrawal from Iraq, some 6,000 miles away, would lead to the birth of ISIS and would later translate into one of the biggest terrorist threats to the West today? Well, just imagine a much more vicious and equally ill-intentioned terrorist group, allied with US foes such as Iran and Hezbollah, but just across the US border.” Omar Bula-Escobar, author of Watch Your Backyard

Featured photo of Retired Cmdr Fabio Martinez and his wife Elisa Villa via Facebook- used by permission