“Extremists” in the Military- What the DoD Found

Faye Higbee

After an investigation hunting for “extremists” in the Military, the news is…out of the millions of service members, only approximately 100 confirmed extremists were found. That’s after the media ran with the story and the government searched every nook and cranny trying to find monsters under the bed…nothing. The Military is not overrun with extremists. Surprised CNN and Democrats?

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They made every person at Jan 6 out to be extremists and went on a witch hunt because of a small handful of Military Veterans who went to the rally that day. They were wrong. But the rhetoric over “white supremacists”and other labels went off the rails.

The Department of Defense identified fewer than 100 instances of confirmed extremist activity in 2021, the Pentagon reported in December. Despite significant rhetoric from Democrats, media pundits and activists, the finding was unsurprising to more than 30 current and former service members who spoke with Fox News.

“I noticed zero extremism during my time in the military,” Matthew Griffin, a former Army Ranger, told Fox News. “None. Didn’t witness it at all.”

Each service member echoed similar remarks, explicitly saying they’d never seen any extremist behavior.


The left won’t likely believe that, of course. Article after article in left-leaning news media from The Atlantic to Time Magazine stated, ‘Extremists Don’t Belong in the Military.” The real extremism may be the woke garbage, but as for people who want to destroy America, nothing.

When SecDef Lloyd Austin demanded the Military stand down to begin the witch hunt, they were looking for the “racists”, the anti-government types they just KNEW were filling the ranks of our service branches. Congress and media fell into the trap of labeling service members as dangerous to America.

We wrote about this hunt previously:

The United States Military is supposed to be all one color – not one race, not one rank. Although reality often messes with that idea, and people are people after all, for the most part, it works. The Marine Corps prides itself in everyone being “green” due to their exposure to different races, creeds, ethnicity, and religions. Radicals within the ranks usually are found out by leadership within a normal period of time, according to one military member interviewed by Fox. The mandatory vaccine program has caused more problems than “extremists” and that’s the fault of the Biden administration.

“We need to spend less time on these witch hunts targeting our own soldiers and spending more time focused on strategic threats like China and Russia and any others that are threatening our country. If Joe Biden had put this much time into developing an exit strategy for Afghanistan than he does targeting our own soldiers …  then maybe the 13 service members who lost their lives back in that country would be alive today,” 

Tyler Alcorn, Green Beret veteran, running for Congress in Colorado


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