Expanding Capitol Police Across the Nation: Federalizing Law Enforcement is a Bad Idea

Faye Higbee
capitol police

The same people who have been calling to defund the police are now saying that expanding Capitol Police into states across America is needed to protect members of Congress. Not sure that’s even legal, simply because of jurisdictional issues, but it’s a blatant attempt to federalize law enforcement. They claim that the Capitol Police is pivoting to become an ”intelligence based protective agency.” Bad news, America.

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Red flags are flying

Now what do you suppose the Capitol Police want to use high-definition surveillance videos for?

Thus far, the Capitol Police have been solely in Washington DC. Suddenly, because of “January 6th” they want to open more offices. We already have Federal Law enforcement agencies, why do we need more? Answer: we don’t.

The New Secret Police?

The two initial field offices will be opened in San Francisco, California and Tampa, Florida, where a number of these “threats” emanate from.

So let’s get this straight. Congress, where a number of Democrats have demanded the defunding of police (or dismantling as suggested by Democrats Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI)), is planning on increasing the budget for their “protection.”

More disturbing, as Roll Call reports, while Congress has asked, no demanded that law enforcement practices nationwide by [sic] overhauled, calling for accountability and transparency, those same lawmakers seem perfectly content with the US Capitol Police being allowed to operate in secrecy. Since the agency is part of the Legislative branch of the government, it is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is exempt.

Yes, despite all the caterwauling, whining and grandstanding about police accountability, those same demands are being ignored when it comes to the US Capitol police.

This is problematic especially in light of the fact that hundreds of American citizens have been arrested, some subjected to solitary confinement in light of the January 6 US Capitol incident, yet information about the incident is being held in secrecy. Tens of thousands of hours of video from the event is being shielded from public view.

Law Enforcement Today

The Capitol Police are not an “agency” by the legislative definition and are apparently exempt from FOIA requests. So whatever they do, they can do it in total secrecy, claiming that it’s “law enforcement sensitive.”

…please be advised that the United States Capitol Police, as a legislative branch entity, is not an ‘agency’ as defined by 5. U.S.C. §§ 551 et seq., under the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, the USCP is not subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

James, Joyce, USCP in response to the Roll Call FOIA request

Hundreds of thousands of “law enforcement sensitive” documents have been released from local and county law enforcement, yet the USCP will not release any information. The is a giant danger to America and our constitution.


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