Eight Broken Bones, The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery

The news over the last few days has been riddled with mystery surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein. When they released the autopsy findings, they only released that he had eight broken bones in his neck and that the cause of death was ‘still pending.’ ???

UPDATE: NYC Medical Examiner has ruled cause of death is suicide.

Experts have weighed in that the eight broken bones were more indicative of homicide than hanging. But let’s look at the whole debacle and see what you think:

We heard that Epstein was taken off suicide watch just 6 days after the so-called “suicide attempt.”

We heard from a former inmate at the correctional facility that the sheets in the cells at MCC were “paper thin” and wouldn’t support the weight of an adult male.

Then we heard that Epstein was afraid of his cellmate, who was then moved away from his cell just prior to his death.

Oh, and no surveillance cameras actually pointed at Epstein’s cell. Convenient.

We heard that Epstein was eating off the floor and had gone crazy, according to the Intelligencer.

First heard that the two guards were told to leave because of “cell maintenance.” Then we heard that the two guards were working a lot of overtime. Then we learned that one of them wasn’t even a prison guard. Then officials said the two were sleeping during the 3 hour time when they were supposed to be watching Epstein. Then we learned that the men falsified their log sheets to cover themselves. According to many reports there was “shrieking and shouting when the guards found Epstein dead, and one was heard to yell, “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

The prison warden was “reassigned” as all these revelations broke into the news. The prison guards were said to be “on leave.”

Those eight broken bones

One of the eight broken bones in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone. Dr Marc Siegel, Fox News Medical Consultant, stated that the bone is commonly broken during manual strangulation rather than hanging. While it can happen in a hanging, it’s rare.

“The hyoid bone in the neck being fractured and other fractures in the neck, make it more likely, and again, this is a percentage call, more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide.” Dr Marc Siegel


Dr Siegel said that he was waiting for the release of the body photos to see what they showed in terms of signs of a struggle. But will they ever be released? Will the world be left to wonder how a high profile prisoner could die with a string of utterly stupid mistakes? We’re not holding our breath.

The final mystery? Epstein’s wealth is estimated at over $500 million, but no one knows exactly how he got it. Some victims of Jeffrey Epstein have filed suit against the estate.

The good news? There is no one that has legal standing to gripe about the FBI raid on Epstein’s island on Monday. Which means if they found anything there against whoever, they can use it freely against them.

Or bury the evidence forever. It’s a toss-up.