Egyptian Student Being Deported After Threatening Trump

By Faye Higbee

Egyptian Student Being Deported After Threatening Trump

Emad El-Din Ali Mohamed Nasr El Sayed, 23, was arrested by immigration authorities three weeks ago at a flight school in California when his visa was revoked. He had been interviewed previously by Secret Service agents for allegedly posting a death threat against Donald Trump on Facebook. Eight days later, according to ABC, immigration authorities picked him up. But instead of prosecuting him, the government has decided to deport him.

egyptian student

Emad El-Din Ali Mohamed Nasr El Sayed

Killing Trump

“I am willing to kill Donald Trump and serve a life sentence. [T]he whole world would thank me for doing that.” El Sayed

The Washington Free Beacon wrote,

El Sayed was arrested in mid-February but authorities dropped the charges after a decision was made to revoke his visa. A California immigration court determined on Tuesday that he is now in the United States illegally and must be deported back to Egypt.

Not a student anymore

El-Sayed had been enrolled at the UAA (Universal Air Academy), a Los Angeles Flight school. He had not missed any classes, according to his attorney. But the government allegedly pressured the owner of the school into terminating his status as a student. When they did that, his visa was revoked, and he is to be deported.

“This is an extraordinary step taken by the U.S. government to pressure a school owner to terminate the attendance of someone at a school.” Hani Bushra, attorney for El-Sayed

El-Sayed’s attorney claims that the prosecution couldn’t “sustain a criminal case” against his client, so they resorted to deportation. Since his visa was revoked, he no longer immigration status and can be deported.

The prosecutor  stated that El-Sayed was a danger to society, and introduced his Facebook Post as evidence. The judge agreed. El-Sayed’s lawyer claims his client didn’t mean it, and is devastated to see his dreams of becoming a pilot destroyed.

Another hearing is scheduled tomorrow to determine ways for him to get his affairs in order before he has to leave the U.S. He is being held in the Orange County, Jail.