EDC Belt Review – Black Beard Belts

black beard belts

I had the pleasure of receiving a belt from a company called Black Beard Belts about a month ago.  I worked the belt into my EDC and was pleasantly surprised with both the quality and design. My first impressions were that it was very well made, but the ratchet looked big.

The ratchet is 1″ thick which at first glance looked like it was going to be extremely uncomfortable, but to my surprise it wasn’t at all.  I could freely bend over and twist and turn and not even notice the ratchet.  Keep in mind I am 5’10” and 175 pounds, I’m not sure how the large ratchet will affect larger body type.

What I really loved about this belt was how it doesn’t loosen up through-out the day and start sagging.  You can just put it on, ratchet it down nice and tight, and it stays with the same tension all day. Throughout the course of the month that I have been wearing this belt. I have mixed my style of carry to ensure an honest review.  I carried outside the waste band (CZ75), appendix (Sig P938), thigh holster (Sig p226) and this style belt held up better than any of worn in the past.

My biggest con for this belt is that when trying to use a holster that you need to put the belt through it damages the teeth that go through the ratchet. This could sacrifice the longevity and efficiency of the ratcheting device.  It is also a pain to put on day in and day out. What kind of holsters you will be using is the biggest thing to consider when purchasing a belt of this kind.

Overall Black Beard Belts makes a great quality product. Here is the breakdown.


Peacekeeper Gun Belt (reviewed belt) $95

Other belts from $69


Price 4-5

Functionality 5-5

Quality 5-5

Aesthetics 5-5

19/20 from Instructor Craig.

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