Early Christmas? Mattis Chosen for Secretary of Defense!

By Faye Higbee

The last couple of days has shown a few statements of Donald Trump come true – 1st that he would get Carrier to bring jobs back (they did), 2nd that the troops should get a raise (they may indeed), and 3rd, that he’d make America Great Again. Part of that has come with the media reporting the nomination of legendary Marine General, James B. Mattis for Secretary of Defense.

‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.’ [1897 Editorial]

The official announcement will come next week, but it is being reported by numerous media outlets, one of which is the Military Times, citing sources on the inside.

It will take a Congressional waiver to allow Mattis to serve as SecDef, but his expertise is literally known through all branches of the Military. Even other candidates interviewed by Trump for the job said he would be good.

The Trump team won’t say the President-elect has made the decision. And some outlets are hedging the bet, but it seems as though yes, General Mattis is likely Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense.

The man behind the memes

James Mattis, after his 44 year service, is the most quoted Marine General outside of General Lewis  “Chesty” Puller. There are even liberal press members that think he’s ok, if a bit over the top. Some of his quotes make other liberal’s heads spin – but that’s because they don’t know the context.

The 66 year old Retired General is single, and an avid reader of military history, earning him the moniker “Warrior Monk.”

He has been the commander of  CENTCOM, and a major strategic NATO command, the  Allied Command Transformation. He was in charge of the Fallujah operation in 2004, one of the  bloodiest battles of the war. He has been an open critic of the Iran deal because of the danger to America and the rest of the world.

The following letter, sent by General Mattis to his troops in March of 2003, exemplifies the heart of a man who is a true Marine, tough, but a man of honor.  He is a true motivator of military forces, something we need at this time.


“Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.” Gen. James Mattis

In short, James Mattis is the right man for the job. While the left gripes about him being a general, they know full well that his abilities, his knowledge are profound. He really will help “Make America Great Again.”