Duty to Inform Law: Warren Ohio Woman Charged

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A woman in Warren, Ohio called police to ask for help in removing a wanted man from her residence. When they arrived, they found that the man was wanted in Cuyahoga county on a warrant, so they arrested him. They also ran her name and learned that she had a Concealed Weapons Permit. She had her 9mm in her purse, which was not involved in the call, but because of the Ohio Duty to Inform law, she was issued a summons, her gun and permit seized.

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Duty to Inform

A Warren woman who called the police to remove a man from her home was cited for failing to tell officers she had a gun in her purse.

Police say they seized the conceal carry permit and handgun from Ashley Heiskell after she had called officers to remove a man who was at her Commerce Street townhouse early Tuesday.

Officers arrested the man after confirming Heiskell’s claim that he is wanted on a warrant out of Cuyahoga County.

One of the officers also asked dispatchers about the 33-year-old woman and discovered Heiskell had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

When the officer asked her about the permit, she showed him a 9mm handgun she carried in her purse.

Asked why she didn’t tell officers that she had the gun as required under Ohio law and taught in CCW classes, Heiskell said she didn’t know she had to do that and didn’t remember much about the classes, according to the police report.

WMFJ (NBC Youngstown)

While most law enforcement officers like a duty to inform law, there is one major issue with it: stress. In the case of the Warren woman, she either forgot about telling police she had a weapon, or didn’t remember she was supposed to. Her 9mm was not involved in the situation, nor did she think to even tell police she had one in her purse. Her purse does not appear to be involved in the situation either. If she had planned to use it because of the wanted man, she would likely have had it out in plain view, which would have made it obvious that she had it.

”Now, I’m sorry, nothing about this is right and this right here is why I refuse to support any duty to inform laws. While I believe it’s no one’s business whether I’m carrying or not, I also don’t want to see someone get jammed up because they either didn’t know they had to tell police or they simply forgot under the stress of the situation.”

Tom Knighton, Bearing Arms


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