Dutch Farmers Rebellion Against the “Green” Agenda

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The Dutch farmers rebellion (also known as the Boeren Protest) continues as the government demands compliance with the EU’s nitrogen standards…and the government’s new “fuel tax.” They’re in the midst of rebellion, as the government of The Netherlands strives to follow the European Union’s demand that herds be culled to comply with “Climate Change” standards on nitrogen production. It amounts to a 50% downsizing of their farms, as well as an uptick in fuel prices. (Breitbart)

The government blames the farmers for pollution. And they want those herds cut down. And a fuel tax would stymie farmers’ ability to use those tractors. But using the hashtag #NoFarmersNoFood, the farmers are trying to bring attention to the problem: the farmers are the ones that make the food for the small country.

Breitbart wrote:

“Farmers drove throughout the night to meet in the town of De Bilt, which contains the headquarters of the National Institute of Public Health, which the protesters claim has botched the nitrogen figures the government uses to dictate its environmental policy.

Having protested there, the convoys moved on to the Hague itself, the Dutch political capital.”

Their livelihoods are at stake. The government wants to cut their farms down at least 50% because of the “climate change” hoax.

Dutch farmers have for the third time thrown traffic into a tither as thousands of tractors descended on Dutch cities. The Dutch Army and Police attempted to stop the farmers from entering The Hague by blocking their way.

Naturally, tractors have off-road capability, so in many cases the procession just drove around the roadblocks, sometimes through the barricades or went the back way. They also defied police orders not to enter a park called Malieveld, which is opposite the main railway station in The Hague.

Heads up, America, with the radical left making inroads on their “green new deal,” this could eventually happen to us if we don’t take a stand now.

Featured photo: Twitter screenshot via @Paploo968

  • Brad Goodrow

    Maybe this would be a good idea for California. We all stage a sit-in. Stop our cars.trucks and work and sit down for a few hours.

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