Drug Tunnel Nearly 1/2 Mile Long Discovered in San Diego

By Faye Higbee

Drug Tunnel Nearly 1/2 Mile Long Discovered in San Diego

The longest drug tunnel thus far was discovered by federal agents in the Otay Mesa neighborhood in San Diego.  Nearly 800 yards in length, it began in Tijuana, Mexico and came up in the U.S..  Mexican soldiers found the tunnel on the Mexican side near the airport after US agents discovered it in the US.

drug tunnel

screenshot via Fox News

CNN reported,

Agents were hot on the tail of the alleged drug traffickers after they noticed a commercial truck deliver an industrial dumpster filled with wood scraps to an outdoor industrial lot; days later, agents discovered this to be an entryway into the tunnel.

Six people were arrested on Friday in connection with the passage.

$22 Million haul

According to Fox News, agents found “68 packages of marijuana weighing a combined 1,600 pounds… 11,000 pounds of cannabis and 2,242 pounds of cocaine turned up in a truck. Another 1,430 pounds of marijuana were found inside the trash bin.”

One Border Patrol agent donned a Go-Pro camera and let himself down into the tunnel entrance that was less than 3 feet wide. What he found was a ventilation system, sophisticated rail system, lights and stairwells.


Photo from San Diego Tunnel Task Force

An elevator that reportedly could hold about 10 people was found inside a closet in the house in Tijuana.

The tunnel came up on a vacant lot in the Otay Mesa neighborhood beneath a trash bin that was used to keep drugs. A sign on the lot read “Otay pallets, we buy pallets.”


This secret passage is just the latest in the discovery of drug smuggling tunnels. It’s the 13th and longest sophisticated one discovered since 2006, but 70 shorter less well engineered ones have been found since 2008.  Just two weeks ago, a short 400 yard tunnel that contained 17 tons of marijuana was found between warehouses in Mexico and the US. We previously reported on the 12th tunnel, which was discovered back in March.