Drones With Explosives – Assassination Attempt on Venezuelan President?

By Faye Higbee

Socialist Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro was addressing a crowd in Caracas at the 81st Anniversary of the country’s National Guard, when several drones carrying explosives detonated. Seven people were reportedly injured and were being treated at area hospitals. Maduro was evacuated from the scene. He is calling it an assassination attempt by the “far right.”

This footage obtained by ABC News shows the moment that Maduro’s microphone was cut off and explosions occurred. Then the military contingents standing in the street began to run.


Venezuelan President Maduro addressed the nation on TV following the attack.

“This was an attempt to kill me. Today they attempted to assassinate me. I stand, alive and victorious, ready to follow the battles and fights that touch me forever.” Maduro

He held a high level meeting with his generals after the incident. He blamed Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, and the Venezuelan “far right.” He says he hopes President Trump will help them find the “terrorists.”

Some of the perpetrators of the attack have already been captured. And “evidence” has been seized. The speed at which they’ve been captured is concerning. Here’s why:

Human Rights Watch reports:

“The government has been repressing dissent through often-violent crackdowns on street protests, jailing opponents, and prosecuting civilians in military courts. It has also stripped power from the opposition-led legislature.
Due to severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food, many Venezuelans cannot adequately feed their families or access the most basic healthcare. In response to the human rights and humanitarian crisis, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing the country.

Other persistent concerns include poor prison conditions, impunity for human rights violations, and harassment by government officials of human rights defenders and independent media outlets.”

Maduro has a history of cracking down on his “opponents.” Hundreds have died or been thrown in prison in this socialist country that once was prosperous.  So we’ll ask this question: was this a real assassination attempt or was it set up to appear that way as an excuse for another crackdown? There is no doubt that there are many who would love for Maduro to be killed. It’s just one of those things that make you wonder.

Hugo Chavez started Venezuela’s downward spiral while he was in power. Maduro is finishing it.