Draining the Swamp at the VA

By Faye Higbee

The VA told everyone that they couldn’t fire people, and they maintained that stance for decades. Funny, corrupt VA employees are being fired now that Trump is in office. Heads are rolling with more to come!

The VA has had a large crop of felons working  in various facilities. Sex offenders, con artists, druggies… you name it they’ve had problems with them. They’ve also had exceedingly corrupt employees…and VA Secretary McDonald knew about it, even tapping one of the most corrupt ones, DeWayne Hamlin, to mold new employees and “shape the culture of the VA.”

It shaped the “culture” all right. And not in a good way.

The Daily Caller Reported,

Paperwork reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation shows that bosses openly told Rosayma Lopez that she was being fired for refusing to fabricate a reason to fire another employee, Joseph Colon, after he exposed that Hamlin had been arrested at 3 a.m. in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving while in possession of pills for which he had no prescription. Diversion of opiates from VA facilities is a major issue. After ethics officials blocked that firing, he attempted to pay her to quit using $305,000 of taxpayer money, which would have been the largest settlement in recent VA history. She refused the money.

Also in September, Leah Bradley, the VA’s general counsel under McDonald, told Congress that Hamlin’s attempts to get rid of Rosayma Lopez were not retaliation, even though the investigation was ongoing, she did not cite any evidence, and ultimately the evidence apparently concluded otherwise.

The other person fired recently is a woman who took part in an armed robbery, then kept her job while she was in jail, and continued to work in the hospital’s security office while wearing an ankle bracelet.

DeWayne Hamlin was the CEO of the VA hospital in Puerto Rico.

Let those things sink in for a minute. An attorney for the VA who covered up retaliation for whistleblowing. Employees that committed theft of drugs. Fraud. Embezzlement. Arrested for robbery while employed and still kept her job. It’s no wonder there have been problems with the Veterans Administration.

One man was hired at a VA hospital to buy prosthetics like hearing aids just weeks after being released from Federal prison for credit card fraud. And whose credit card would he use? Take a guess.

During the Obama administration, The Daily Caller reported that eleven sex offenders listed their place of employment as a Detroit VA hospital, some of them wanted fugitives.

From Ohio to Indiana and elsewhere, the swamp is filled with people who have no business being employed to watch over our veterans.  In December, Senator Jeff Flake introduced the “Clean Up the VA Act” that required the Veterans Administration to fire convicted felons or doctors with suspended medical licenses.

It is unclear where that bill stands at this point, but if the news about firings is any indication, more heads are going to roll straight down the hill.