Dr. Jenn: Extraordinary Badass Surviving Mann Contestant

Young girls often have dreams… dreams of experiencing every adventure possible in life. Dr. Jennifer Stankus (Dr Jenn) is one of those women – a one-of-a-kind, power-packed extraordinary person who has not just dreamed of such a life, but continues to accomplish it. She not only is a medical doctor, she is a military veteran from two different branches, a lawyer who has been a military magistrate, a warrior who can shoot-climb-ski-swim-bike-run…among other things. She’s also a contestant on the TV Show “Surviving Mann.” We’d advise not messing with her.

Dr Jenn – a Living Warrior spirit

Dr. Jenn graduated high school at age 16, and volunteered at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado with their Explorer program.

At 17, she joined the Naval Reserve, and went to Florida.

At 18, still in the Naval Reserves, she jetted to Hawaii to attend Chaminade University, worked for 15 months as a hospital corpsman in the emergency department at Pearl Harbor, conducted investigations for ICE (then the Immigration and Naturalization Service), interned with the US Marshals Service, and helped in the Honolulu Police Department training academy. Then she left to return to Colorado.

After going through the Colorado Police Academy, in 1991 she was hired as a police officer in Englewood…a rough area. Her badge number was 911 (appropriate). She transferred to the University of Colorado Police Department in 1994. She went to the University of Colorado and received her degree in Psychology. After completing that she entered the University of Denver for her law degree (JD). She transferred to the University of Colorado Police Department in 1994. She served 8 years in the Naval Reserve, and 40 months of that attached to a military police unit in Atsugi, Japan in the Army. After completing her law degree (JD) at the University of Denver, she joined the US Army JAG Corps and was active duty for 3 years at Fort Gordon, Georgia.  There, she served as a military magistrate, hospital attorney, and earned her Airborne wings.

Upon returning from active duty service, she received her medical degree from the University of Washington in 2009. After working as a resident physician in Emergency Medicine at the University of New Mexico for three years, she came back to Madigan Army Medical Center in Western Washington where she is now a contract emergency physician. She has been an advisor, a board member, a consultant, researcher, faculty member…her resume is dizzying. Wonder Woman would be proud.

At a mere 112 pounds, she bikes, surfs, explores underwater caves, climbs mountains, does tactical firearm training at one of her favorite places at FrontSight, Nevada and so many other things. For this powerhouse, there are no limits (you can see a small sampling of her interests at this link). She was even once a contestant on the military season 7 episode of American Ninja Warrior. Warrior? 112 pounds? Absolutely – she even went through the famous Koga Institute martial arts training for law enforcement in California, so she can always even the odds.

Screenshot via YouTube of Dr Jenn’s “No Limits”

The intellectual side of Dr Jenn gets workouts too – she writes legal papers for medical malpractice issues, and has published numerous papers on issues ranging from managing pain to lawsuits.

Married to neurologist Dr. Seth Stankus, the couple splits their time between Western Washington and their retirement home in Nevada. Not that Dr Jenn will ever retire, of course. For as long as she can keep her warrior spirit alive, she will continue to learn, explore, and experience all that life has to offer. On top of it all, she’s a patriotic American.

I got to choose what I wanted to do. I wouldn’t want anything handed to me. You don’t value what you don’t work for. Some people want everyone else to pay for them, which is totally unfair. Whether it’s student loans, or living life, I know that what I’ve done has made a difference. No one should have to pay for someone else’s choices.

Dr Jenn


Featured photo: Screenshot via Dr Jenn for her appearance on Surviving Mann.

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