Douglas County, CO – 4 Deputies and 2 Civilians Wounded, 1 Deputy Deceased

By Faye Higbee

Four Douglas County Deputies, two civilians were wounded, and one Deputy died after a gunman opened fire at the Highlands Ranch Complex, in a Copper Canyon apartment. Later the Sheriff’s office stated that the shooter was also shot and no longer a threat, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department via the Denver Post.

Update: the suspect was identified as Matthew Riehl. Though media outlets are calling him an “Army Veteran” with a “grudge” against the Sherrif,  his service history is as yet unknown. The outlets are stating that he was “briefly” in Iraq, so there is a lot of information missing regarding this incident and the perpetrator behind it. He had been posting rants against Sheriff Spurlock.

Police were dispatched to a disturbance call at around 5 a.m., when a man opened fire on 5 deputies and 2 civilians, killing one deputy. There is currently no information on the condition of the wounded.

The Sheriff’s Department issued a “code red” which means that people were asked to “shelter in place,” avoid windows and stay away from exterior walls. SWAT team and the Arapahoe County Bomb Squad also were dispatched to the scene as police worked to get the suspect in custody. Numerous police agencies were placed on alert.

Featured photo via Twitter