Donald Trump’s SECRET plan to save America!

By Thomas Dillingham

While the internet is all abuzz with Memes attacking the opponents of Donald Trump, many of us are looking for some clear answers about what Trump will do. I took some time to review all of Trump’s speeches, press conferences, social media posts and media interviews. So what is Donald Trump’s plan? Well, it’s very simple.

We have a very long list of problems in our country. I won’t go down the list, but I am convinced that Donald Trump has a SINGLE POINT PLAN that will go a long way to fixing nearly every problem we have. Laugh if you will, but by the time you are finished reading this, you might just see my point and his.


Donald Trump has a slogan “Make America Great Again.”  His many one-liners have captivated America’s attention. One-liners like “I am going to knock the hell out of ISIS and FAST,” or his expression “Unbelievable” after he points out bad decisions made by our politicians. His comments that follow an important topic such as “We have to do it, we have to do it, folks.”  Well behind all of the one-liners, slogans and statement is a real plan. That plan starts with Opportunity.


I am not talking about the “New Deal” style program that gives the government more control and special treatment to BIG Crony businesses while taxing everyone to death.  Nor am I talking about the Reag-o-nomics that both parties have abused, leaving our country 20 Trillion Dollars in debt… a National Debt that is owed TO THE ‘FILTHY STINKING RICH PEOPLE.’

No, I am referring to a simple plan.  It is so simple it terrifies the ‘Filthy STINKING Rich.’ It will work because it is simple, and it attacks the ROOT of all of our problems.  Money is, after all, the root of all kinds of evil.



One way or another the tight-fisted ‘filthy stinking rich people’ have to stop hoarding cash.  Trump knows this and will force them to spend their money, here, not in other countries!!!

There are all kinds of things he can do to make that happen. I won’t go through the list, but let’s just say that’s why every ‘filthy stinking rich’ person in the country is spending money trying to stop him. In a way, Donald Trump has already started forcing them to spend their money. They are spending Billions trying to defeat him.


So what? The Extremely Rich people will spend their money. That’s right and when they do it will help the entire country.  Did you know that every time a dollar is spent, it forces as much as fifteen dollars to move through our economy? More money moving through the economy means more opportunity for everyone to get their hands on some of it. This is a highly simplified explanation but, I want to keep this simple. More people will have more opportunity once the ‘filthy stinking rich’ are forced to spend their money right here in America!

It REALLY is that simple. They spend, we benefit!!!

So, that’s Donald Trump’s secret plan to save America.  It is simple, and it will work!