Dominion Board Member Eric Coomer: “Trump’s Not Gonna Win. I Made F*****g Sure of That!”

By Faye Higbee

Dominion board member Eric Coomer is a run of the mill Antifa-loving Trump-hater. But he was supposedly in charge of voting systems security at Dominion Voting Systems. Which leads to the obvious question: how did he “make f*****g sure” that Trump wouldn’t win? Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reported in a series of articles on this man’s Trump hate and Antifa connections.

Eric Coomer’s information was purged from Dominion Board of Directors list on the internet, but of course nothing is ever truly gone from the internet, so his information was found in archives:


Gateway Pundit reported on an interview conducted by Michelle Malkin with Joe Oltmann, founder of a data company. Oltmann infiltrated Antifa and found this:

In a stunning interview conducted by Michelle MalkinJoe Oltmann, FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United founder, reveals how he infiltrated Antifa and how during a conversation with Antifa members, he discovered “Eric from Dominion” was allegedly part of the chat during the week of September 27, 2020.

Oltmann explained that “Eric” was telling the Antifa members they needed to “keep up the pressure.” When one of the caller’s asked, “Who’s Eric?” someone answered, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.” Oltmann said that as the conversation continued, someone asked, “What are we gonna do if F*cking Trump wins?” Oltmann paraphrased how Eric (the Dominion guy) responded, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”

After Oltmann, who runs a data company, finished the call, he started to investigate “Eric from Dominion,” in Denver, CO., and came upon Eric Coomer. Oltmann admitted that it didn’t make sense that Eric Coomer would be the Antifa member on the call and that at the time, he knew nothing about Dominion Voting Systems.

It wasn’t until after he started hearing about Dominion Voting Systems in the news following the election that he remembered the remarks made by “Eric from Dominion” on the Antifa chat.

Oltmann began digging into Eric Coomer, trying to find anything he could about him. Oltmann finally hit gold when he was able to (legally) access what he claims is Dominion VP, Eric Coomer’s Facebook page. What he found was stunning. Joe Oltmann said he never saw such hate and vitriol coming from someone who has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. Oltmann explained to Malkin that Coomer actually re-posted the Antifa manifesto to President Trump on his Facebook page.

Mr Oltman was removed from Twitter for an unknown reason. By telling the truth about Dominion voting systems, he was deplatformed. This is one of his last tweets:

“This is a FB post from Dr. Eric Coomer. This is the Antifa “manifesto” letter to Trump. This is the man that is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems. I will post all of the posts here over the next couple of days. Share and follow

— Joe Oltmann (@JoeOltmann) November 12, 2020″

So because he planned to post Eric Coomer’s hate so that everyone could see what kind of person was helping to run Dominion voting systems, he was deplatformed?  The account now shows “this tweet is from a suspended account.”

Here is the Antifa Manifesto letter:



Nice guy. Trump hater involved with our voting systems. Eric Coomer holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics. The media falls all over themselves to make him an important person. He was written about by the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Associated Press. He is not a good guy. Ask yourself: if this man on the board of Dominion Voting Systems is FOR Antifa and so deeply anti-Trump, and has access and the skill to do something to the inner workings of the machines, how can the vote be ‘fair?’

2016 – Problems with Dominion Voting Systems

As we previously reported, back in 2012, even Snopes remarked that there were security issues with Dominion systems, but that it was all fine and not to worry. In the Post and Email  back in 2016, this statement is concerning (emphasis via the Gateway Pundit):

“Dr. Coomer’s statement brings to light a very serious issue all voters should understand. Voting systems must be re-certified each time they make changes to the hardware or software. Recertification is an expensive and time consuming process. What Dr. Coomer told the Board is that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software when threats to their code are discovered. Rather, they rely on post-election audits and providing advice to election jurisdictions about security. I have reviewed all of the recertification documents produced by Dominion, and I do not recall any software adjustments for security purposes.

This is the reality of the security of your vote. Software systems that count and record the vote across Illinois and throughout the USA are not updated to address security problems, and even if they were, the software can be completely bypassed by going to the data tables that drive the systems.”

Here is that speech – Video from August 2016 – Sharon Meroni –

Eric Coomer stated that Dominion doesn’t recertify their machines against voter fraud. The important content begins at 6:11.

Eric Coomer revealed that the Dominion Voting system was vulnerable to intrusion from outside, as well as vulnerable to manipulation from inside.


According to current information, the system was “revamped” in 2020. But revamped for what? And who did the changes? Around 30 US states used the Dominion systems, yet only the battleground states have had problems. Somewhere there is a rat.

[Note: There are so many aspects to this election and what the evidence shows, that what attorneys are using for their filings is not mentioned here. The rabbit trail of Dominion, SmartMatic, Paragon and all the companies involved is deep and convoluted. We hope that all the attorneys involved can unwind the tangled mess.]

Featured photo: Eric Coomer posted music from YouTube called “Dead Prez” and “Dead Cop” that reveals he is not a fan of either the President or police.


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