DMED: Is Military Epidemiology Data on Vaccines Accurate or Doctored?

Faye Higbee

Three American military doctors contacted a human rights attorney to reveal DMED data that may have been altered. Of course, they aren’t the only ones and will not be the last, but DMED data is supposed to be an extremely important database. Senator Ron Johnson held a 5 hour hearing and deposed the doctors who stated that the data was “doctored.” Senator Johnson wrote a letter to SecDef Lloyd Austin regarding the problem.

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Dr. Samuel Sigoloff who was suspended from Reynolds Army hospital for “writing exemptions,” Special Forces flight surgeon Lt. Col. Peter Chambers whose pay was cut and his accrued leave rescinded with no warning, and Aerospace occupational medicine specialist Lt. Col. Theresa Long approached human rights attorney Leigh Dundas to sound the alarm over DMED data. All have been critics of the military vaccine mandate; all have decades of medical expertise. There’s a reason they’re upset: the data shows a huge spike in medical problems after the mandate went into effect.

“Renz also informed me that some DMED data showing registered diagnoses of myocarditis had been removed from the database. Following the allegation that DMED data had been doctored, I immediately wrote to you on January 24 requesting that you preserve all records referring, relating, or reported to DMED. I have yet to hear whether you have complied with this request.” Johnson wrote in a letter (pdf) to Lloyd Austin, the U.S. defense secretary.

Senator Ron Johnson

DMED is the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.

Thomas Renz, and Leigh Dundas, attorneys for three doctor whistleblowers, said that the data from DMED was incorrect. The military claimed the DMED database was wrong, but that they ‘fixed it’.

The DoD would have us believe that the DMED database was wrong from 2016-2020 but then magically was corrected in 2021 despite the fact that they had not noticed it was wrong until we pointed it out in our testimony before Senator Johnson. Further, we are asked to believe that in 2020, the year of what they claim to be the greatest pandemic since 1918, and despite the fact that it is documented that the CDC was also watching this database, no one noticed an error of 20 million-plus injury/disease codes per year.

Thomas Renz, attorney

Here is some of the data discovered by Dr. Christiane Northrup, a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist of 30 years, according to The Epoch Times:

  • Breast cancer: First 10 months or 2021. They were at 4,068 cases. Again, it was about 450 some odd percent increase.
  • Female infertility: Female infertility 2,200 cases a year a bad year would be 2,300 cases a year, first 10 months of 2021 after the vaccine 10,713 cases.
  • Esophageal cancer in the U.S. military. Very, very minimal. Twenty-five, 26 cases, maybe a bad year is 39 cases. Jumps to 200 plus cases,
  • Bell’s palsy 400 cases a year on average in the first 10 months of 2021 over 1,300 cases. Cognitive issues way up altered mental status way up. Congenital male malformations doubled.
  • Miscarriages in the military were at 1,400 to 1,500 a year in the first three quarters of 2020, and it increased to over 4,000 during the first 10 months of 2021.

Doctors who sound the alarm over this kind of data are marginalized, threatened, and/or removed from their positions regardless of the years of experience. And it’s not just the Military or civilians in the US – Canada also has experienced severe problems with stillbirths and miscarriages regarding the vaccine (13 in a 24 hour period in Vancouver). But the “powers that be” do not want anyone to know about them, so the DMED and other data regarding these issues are either altered or totally removed.

Why are they hiding the data? Why are they pushing this narrative so hard? You can bet there’s money involved.


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