Disney Brands The Muppets as “Offensive.”

The Muppets aren’t offensive, but Disney has become extremely offensive since they’ve decided to be political nannies and destroy any sense of humor at all. Disney acquired The Muppets and have added disclaimers to 18 episodes of the show because they say that the depictions in the series were “wrong then and are wrong now.”

Want to understand why leftists have no sense of humor? This kind of thing is why. You can’t laugh with anyone. You can’t laugh about anything because it’s “offensive.” You can’t even laugh at yourself without some jackwagon telling you not to do that.

the muppets

Variety reported the disclaimer has been added to a total of 18 episodes throughout the show’s five seasons, including those guest hosted by Jim Nabors, Joel Grey, Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Cleo Laine, James Coco, Spike Milligan, Crystal Gayle, Kenny Rogers, Beverly Sills, Jonathan Winters, Alan Arkin, James Coburn, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Debbie Harry, Wally Boag and Marty Feldman. The disclaimer appears at the beginning of these episodes for 12 seconds.

The label has been added to each video for a different reason. For example, during Cash’s epsiode, the legendary music star sings in front of a Confederate flag.

Fox Business

Disney has added disclaimers to other movies as well: The Aristocats, Dumbo, Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson.

We could see a disclaimer or even a block for movies that show explicit sex, or how to make a bomb, but The Muppets? Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy? Peter Pan? Dumbo the elephant triumphs in his movie. And a Confederate Flag isn’t “wrong”, it’s historical in nature. Thanks to Disney and our lovely Marxist education system, our children are growing up without any balance.

All of the classic lessons of these episodes have been deleted simply by the inspid desire of Disney to be the nanny. And yet some of their own movies, like “Wuhan” push a Chinese political message. Then there are the movies that push LGBTQ agendas. Someone needs to be the nanny for them. How far from Walt Disney’s vision they have fallen? It’s not even close. The founder of Disney loved children and wanted to bless them with laughter and fun. This crop of fools wants to push societal politics.

Rather than removing this content, we see an opportunity to spark conversation and open dialogue on history that affects us all. We also want to acknowledge that some communities have been erased or forgotten altogether, and we’re committed to giving voice to their stories as well. To that end, we’ve brought together a group of experts from outside our company to advise us as we assess our content and ensure it accurately represents our global audiences. As we embrace each other’s stories, we embrace possibility. And that’s why we’re committed to doing the best we can to represent communities authentically. So people not only see the best in themselves, but the world can see it too.”

Disney Statement

Stuff the “experts from outside” and let all of us enjoy watching fun shows like “The Muppets” without interference from all the analyzers who want to tell us how to think. It doesn’t “spark” conversation, it makes us want to turn it off.


Feature photo: The Muppets screenshot

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