Did The Prosecution Tamper with Evidence in McCloskey Case

prosecution tamper

Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner charged Mark and Patricia McCloskey with felonies in the case of the St Louis Couple who defended their property.  But Patricia’s gun was not working, and now it is. Did the prosecution tamper with evidence?

Patricia McCloskey’s handgun was inoperable when turned over to the crime lab by their former attorney Al Watkins, as we previously reported. Assistant City Attorney Chris Hinckley ordered the crime lab to “disassemble and reassemble” the weapon to make it work.

In order for charges to be placed against the McCloskeys, the weapon had to be shown in working condition, according to KSDK. It was NOT in such condition when the crime lab received it from Al Watkins, the former attorney for the McCloskeys. Did the prosecution tamper with the evidence?

How feasible is it that the McCloskey’s former attorney field-stripped the weapon to make it inoperable? How feasible is it that the McCloskey’s deliberately made it inoperable AFTER the incident? They stated they used the gun in a courtroom simulation prior to the day the mob showed up.

Soros-backed Prosecutor Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner has received funds from George Soros groups for her campaign. She is facing one other candidate in the Aug 2 primary.

The Missouri Justice Public Safety PAC, which is linked to George Soros, has donated nearly $78,000 in contributions to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s 2020 campaign, according to her July 15, 2020 financial report, obtained by Just the News.

Missouri Justice & Public Safety PAC, which donated the amount through in-kind contributions, was contacted for this story but has yet to respond with comment.

The Washington, D.C.-based political action committee is listed at the same street address as one that contributed to Gardner’s 2016 campaign.

The Safety and Justice PAC that contributed to the 2016 campaign has the same 13th Street NW address of the Missouri Justice & Public Safety PAC.

Both have financial links to Soros. 

“Yes, it’s no secret we contribute to Safety and Justice PACs,” Soros spokesman Michael Vachon, told Just the News. “We are for criminal justice reform.” 

Reform? As in tampering with evidence? That’s not reform, that’s criminal behavior.

Senator Josh Hawley has called for a civil rights investigation into Kim Gardner (KMOV). She has already been under investigation for her handling of the criminal case against former Republican Governer Eric Greitens. President Trump  said that her actions were an “abuse of power”and the state Attorney General has drawn up documents to dismiss any actions against the the McCloskeys. The Governor says he will pardon them if charges go forward.

Kim Gardner claims she won’t be “bullied.”  Funny, she is bullying the McCloskey’s.

Missouri has a Castle Doctrine, which allows people to defend their property. Neither Mark nor Patricia McCloskey stepped off their own property when the mob showed up on June 28.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Missouri Times


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