Did Merced Officials Know Faisal Mohammad was a Threat?

By Faye Higbee

The American people should know when they are being fed a stream of lies by the leaders of their country, county, or city. In the case of Faisal Mohammad, the UC Merced stabber, it was obvious from the beginning that he was a jihadi, but officials kept feeding everyone the line that he was just a “disgruntled student” who was “kicked out of a study group.” Officials refuse to tell Americans about the threats that exist from Islamic extremists.

False narratives

The study group may have been a trigger for his actions – but why was he kicked out? Was he obnoxious in his participation? Was he constantly angry and offended? Was he espousing radical beliefs – which is highly likely. When authorities bother to dig deeper, they come up with false narratives that cover up the truth. It’s “bad for business” you know.

 faisal mohammad

Faisal Mohammad was killed by police during the stabbing incident at UC Merced-Screenshot via Fox

He was dressed as a jihadi. He had a picture of an ISIS flag in his pocket. He had a written manifesto that praised ‘allah.’ He was the typical lone wolf attacker that is recruited, and encouraged to jihad by ISIS and other radical Islamic organizations.

“ISIS is not looking for a few good men; one crazy will do. This is what a lone wolf looks like.” Patrick Dunleavy, former deputy inspector general of the New York State Police Criminal Intelligence Unit

Like Nidal Hasan was just an ‘angry soldier’ when he shot 13 people to death and injured 30 others at Fort Hood. Or the guy who beheaded an innocent coworker at an Oklahoma meat packing company was just a ‘disgruntled worker.’  Or the man who murdered our Military Recruiters in Chattanooga. ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

Ignoring the threat

When a counter-terrorist law enforcement training group contacted the Merced County Sheriff’s office for more information, they were told flatly that they were sticking to the disgruntled student narrative they briefed to the press last week.  They refused to answer any other questions. This is a group that trains  law enforcement on the terrorist threat at home and abroad. They were rebuffed by Merced County.

Faisal Mohammad was an Islamic terrorist, ‘radicalized’ by whatever means. In an article by MCNTV news, the Chancellor of UC Merced had been briefed about the potential for attacks prior to the stabbing incident.

Six months ago, law enforcement in Merced County attended a meeting with the FBI in which they were warned of attacks by people who were connected to, or sympathetic to ISIS.  They passed around photos and gave names. Guess whose name and picture were given at that meeting? That’s right, Faisal Mohammad.

The reporter from MCN, Matthew Gonzales, reported:

A witness who wishes to remain anonymous stated that they had seen what appeared to be a picture of an ISIS flag which was pulled out of the suspect’s pocket. Two of my law enforcement sources have verified that this is in fact true and that the UC Chancellor along with the FBI and DHS have instructed our local media and our local law enforcement leaders to feed the current narrative that FM was a disgruntled student instead of what he actually was… an extremist Muslim bent on attacking American students in the name of ISIS. And their reasoning for not informing Merced County residents or our out-of-town students and their parents about these potential threats to their lives? According to all three law enforcement sources the information was withheld because it would be bad for business. Protecting four innocent people’s lives and the truth was bad for business.

Bad for business…afraid of repercussions… believe the lies told by CAIR and other pro-Muslim groups…When will someone say that the murders of innocent lives is BAD FOR AMERICA!