Dhaka Terror Attack – 20 Hostages in a Spanish Restaurant

By Faye Higbee

Dhaka Terror Attack – 20 Hostages in a Spanish Restaurant

There are 4 days left in Ramadan, and another terror attack has occurred, this time in Bangladesh. Six to Eight gunmen stormed the Holey Artisan  Spanish Bakery in Dhaka and opened fire at around 8:45 p.m. Friday. Amid gunfire and grenade explosions, the attackers took around 20 hostages, whose fate remains unclear.

Ramadan ends on July 5, this article has been corrected to reflect that.

Police were reportedly on site within 7 minutes. Bangladesh’s elite paramilitary Rapid Action Battalion also filled the streets. The neighborhood was said to have been the most secure in the entire city.


Twitter photo via the Elite Daily

Police and civilians killed

According to the Guardian,

Two police officials were killed, 27 police personnel and at least one civilian were injured in the attack, confirmed Binoy Krishna Bala, deputy inspector general of police.

Late on Friday night, the terrorist group Islamic State claimed credit for the attack in a statement on its self-styled news agency, saying that at least 20 people had been killed.

Some are reporting the death toll has risen to 24, but until this situation is resolved no one will have it exactly correct.

“They will kill us if police open fire on them.” One of the hostages by phone from the bakery.


Twitter photo via Hindustan Times

A quiet neighborhood in an upscale part of the city

The Restaurant is a bakery by day and a Spanish Restaurant by night. The district where the attack occurred is home to diplomats and foreigners, as well as wealthy Bangladesh citizens.

The government immediately tried to put a lid on media reports, telling them not to report the nationality of those killed, or give out up to date information on the ongoing situation.

The US State Department Dhaka issued a shelter in place warning.

The number of people dead is at best a guess at this point. The hostage situation has been ongoing now for about 8 hours. US officials are monitoring the hostage incident from the “Situation Room.”