Detroit ‘Planned’ Killing Spree Leaves Two Dead, Suspect in Custody

Detroit – A 45 year old “disgruntled worker” went on a killing spree Thursday that appeared to be planned in advance. The gunman was armed with an AK-47, and had numerous magazines in his vehicle. Two people are dead after the rampage that took place in two different businesses in two different locations. The suspect appeared to be operating with a hit list in his mind.

Update: The suspect has been identified as Vernest James Griffin.

Vernest James Griffin

Sheriff Michael Bouchard holds a photo of the gunman’s magazines

He first walked into his former place of employment, BDS Line Haul, Inc in Taylor, Michigan at around 10:30 a.m.. He walked past other employees, shot one person and walked back out.

He then held a gun to a truck driver’s head and stole his white semi (no trailer) and drove away.

At 11:37 a.m., he walked into another business, Aluminum Blanking, in Pontiac, and killed another person. The victim, 58 year old Eriverto Perez, was shot multiple times in the back “as he sat at his desk.”

He also called out a third person by name at Assured Carriers in Waterford. But then left in the truck when the person was not present. The business immediately went into lockdown.

According to the Detroit News,

“The suspect allegedly fired upon a police car near Dixie Highway and Frembes Road and sideswiped a vehicle occupied by two women, knocking it on its side. Bouchard said the two women suffered only minor injuries…”

According to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, the suspect had approximately 200 round of ammo in the vehicle that he stole. When he sideswiped the car carrying the two women, it damaged the semi and the suspect took off on foot. He was closely followed by police officers.

The officers engaged the suspect, and wounded him with a shotgun. He was disarmed and taken to the hospital, and is expected to survive. He is facing a number of charges.

Authorities stated that the suspect was out on bond from another assault with a deadly weapon charge from December.