ISIS Supporter Gets Slap on the Wrist for 8,000 Jihadist Tweets

By Faye Higbee

ISIS Supporter Gets Slap on the Wrist for 8,000 Jihadist Tweets

Mohammed Ameen, 23,  used 42 Twitter handles from 16 different accounts, and sent 8,000 tweets to his followers in support of ISIS. He even wished them “Happy 911.” He glorified the Islamic terrorists and encouraged “jihad.” He got only 5 years in a British prison, and will only serve half of that sentence.


In sentencing the judge stated,

“Those tweets involved a sustained effort on your part to give encouragement, albeit indirectly… And in some instances, you were involved in glorifying this, as well as celebrating acts of terrorism by ISIL, celebrating the view of a future that could, by its nature, only be achieved by terrorism. It was over a protracted period of about eight months and did therefore clearly show, as the prosecution put it, dogged persistence, as exemplified by the fact you kept opening new Twitter accounts…Of that, you will serve one half. You will then be on licence.”  Common Serjeant of London, Richard Marks QC

Was he really “sorry?”

The defense claimed he was sorry for his actions. Yet, on his phone, authorities found a picture of him with a large knife with Arabic writing on it, and making the gesture that has come to be known as an ISIS supremacy symbol.

isistweeter1But the prosecutor believed that the tweets only “encouraged” people to commit acts of terrorism. No actual “direct” wording. So the sentence was light. But here is the text of one of the tweets:

“When we descend on the streets of London, Paris and Washington the taste will be far bitterer, because not only will we spill your blood, but we will also demolish your statues, erase your history and, most painfully, convert your children who will go on to champion our name and curse their forefathers.”

Looks pretty “direct.” And doesn’t seem “sorry” to me.

Pled guilty in March, went to prison in April

According to the Daily Mail,

The security guard pleaded guilty last month to five counts of encouraging terrorism and one count of support for a proscribed organisation.

Ameen, of Dagenham, east London, also pleaded guilty to one count of dissemination of a terrorist publication, relating to a video called For The Sake Of Allah, posted on Twitter last September.

Accomplishing jihad

The rub with this story is that over the course of 8 months, Ameen did nearly everything he could to encourage bloodshed. And he claimed he was “sorry” for that. Believe what you want, Britain, but you have fallen into the trap.

Um Dat al Salik, Islamic Sacred Law, r8.0-r8.1, Lying/Permissible Lying: “Speaking is a means to achieve objectives…it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible…and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.”

And “jihad” is obligatory.