Deron Cherry Foundation Gifts Vehicle to Iraq War Veteran

Iraq War Veteran James Dilks used to walk four miles to work every day because he didn’t have a car. He also walked his daughter to school. The Deron Cherry Foundation, in conjunction with Cars4Heroes, recently handed him the keys to a refurbished vehicle that painted a sigh of relief all over his face.

Dilks, who served in the Army Reserves from 2001-05 and was deployed to Iraq from 2003-04, said he walks four miles to work every day and also walks his daughters to school. His wife, who is currently pregnant with their third child, said the past few years have been difficult for the family.

“I was just excited that… Like I said, I walk to work everyday and I walk her to school, so I’m just excited that we don’t have to do it anymore,” Dilks said…

“You never get tired of looking at their faces,” said Terry Franz, of Cars 4 Heroes. “The biggest thing is the sigh of relief. ‘Oh, I can get the kids to the doctor, oh I can get to the grocery store.’ So it’s really not about a prize, but giving them the freedom to go out and do the things they need to do.”


The presentation was made at the Deron Cherry Second Annual Pickleball tournament fundraiser in Kansas City. The Deron Cherry Foundation supports several charities: Score1 for Health, Camp Quality, Cars 4 Heroes, Midwest Animal ResQ and Answering the Call. Cars4Heroes gives away around 300 cars every year.

We have to take care of our veterans—those folks that serve our country. You know they make the ultimate sacrifice. A lot of them are fortunate enough to come home, some of them aren’t. And the ones that come home, they need a little bit of help.

Deron Cherry (The Epoch Times)

For James Dilks and his family, it will mean relief from the four mile walks every day. It will mean real trips to the doctor or the grocery store, or any place else they will need to go. With another child on the way, a vehicle will help immensely. The Deron Cherry Foundation is only one of many charities that care for our veteran community.


Featured photo via the Deron Cherry Foundation

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