Derek Chauvin Verdict: 3 Homicide Convictions, 1 Suspect

Everybody and their grandmother has an opinion on the Chauvin verdict. Most of the police, in an attempt to let the world know that the “justice system worked” issued a statement saying that everything was supposed to be like that, No systemic racism here. BLM shrieked and stomped on cars to display their pleasure at the verdict, and in Portland, Antifa rioted and assaulted a police officer… again. Before the trial ended, there was the shooting of Daunte Wright. Then there was the shooting of a 16 year old Black female with a knife in Columbus, Ohio.

Our system of justice has worked as it should with the prosecutors and defense presenting their evidence to the jury, which then deliberated and delivered a verdict. The trial was fair and due process was served. We hope and expect that all of our fellow citizens will respect the rule of law and remain peaceful tonight and in the days to come.

As I said yesterday, our First Amendment freedoms are sacred. The men and women serving their communities — law enforcement officers from numerous agencies as well as the National Guard — are there to protect you and defend your rights as Americans. We urge you to regard them as guardians of the peace and we urge members of all our communities to be safe and to make good decisions when making their voices heard.

Excerpt from FOP statement

Did our system of justice actuallly work correctly? There are a few things that seem wrong with this whole mess: Derek Chauvin was an idiot and should have been prosecuted, but should he have been charged with 3 different crimes of the same kind? There was only one victim, not 3.

What about Maxine Waters and her comments? The jury was not sequestered. The judge’s admonition to “not watch TV” was silly – in this technology flooded time period, you can’t even answer your smartphone without encountering something about the Chauvin verdict – or the trial. It was so pervasive it seems unlikely that the jurors weren’t tainted from the beginning. And the judge denied a change of venue after the initial incident permeated the news in Minneapolis and riots erupted across the nation. How could they miss that? Answer: they couldn’t. They would have made up their minds ahead of time.

A new juror also said that a friend of his, “is a forensic scientist for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is on a list of nearly 400 potential witnesses in the case.” This seems like a clear conflict of interest.

Furthermore, ABC News reported in March 2021 that a second new juror “acknowledged writing that he had a ‘somewhat negative’ view of Chauvin based primarily on the video of Floyd being taken into custody.” But he claimed he could “set aside his personal beliefs and render a verdict based solely on the evidence presented in court.”…

…Typically, if someone shows an “expressed bias” about a case, then they would immediately be removed from the potential pool of jurors. In this case, they were welcomed with open arms and lauded for their ability to be impartial. Imagine what the outcome would’ve been if a potential juror had come in and said “I believe Chauvin is innocent and I doubt that will change, but sure I’ll be impartial.” We all know. He’d be a goner.

Beyond implicit and explicit biases, the jury members really were in a no-win situation. If you listen to the facts and find Chauvin innocent you risk great bodily injury to you and your family. You can just assume that your house will cease to exist courtesy of a “large, subdivision bonfire” held at your address.

In case you were a minority on the jury and voted to acquit Derek Chauvin you’d be labeled a “traitor” by some and an “Uncle Tom” by others. You would likely be demonized at work and you’d constantly have a fear of being attacked because of your jury service and decision.

Federal Law Enforcement officer in SOFREP

So I ask again – did the justice system actually work or was it skewed by a level of bias and intimidation from the beginning? And remember, Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing his life for justice.” Forced justice is not justice at all.


Featured photo: Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

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