Dem’s Dumbness – Insider Trading, Pay to Play in Latest Guccifer2 Hacks

In the latest crop of Guccifer2’s hacks, we are seeing once again that Clinton and her Dems are as crooked as the day is long.  The latest batch reveals a long list of “pay- to- play” participants, and what appears to be a list of stocks that indicate insider trading-i.e., securities fraud.

We knew the Democrats and Hillary in specific were crooked. This leak may have been the dump of all dumps on the DNC.

Pay to Play

If someone gives the Democrats and/or Clinton money, they appear to get lots of favors, including ambassadorships, cherry appointments that are reserved for the rich under the Democrat Party’s methods. We assume  that means only the wealthy can be a diplomat, and the cabinet positions aren’t for the most qualified, they’re for the rich folk.

Hillary and the Democrat disaster is coming to light one leak at a time. Photo via

Lifezette’s Edmund Kozak reported,

Included in the leaks is a spreadsheet that appears to list a number of donors, the amounts of money they raised, and the ambassadorships and other positions they hold or held — and may have been awarded for their efforts.

These include Matthew Barzun, current ambassador to the United Kingdom, who raised over $3.5 million for the DNC; Frank Sanchez, former undersecretary of Commerce, who paid over $3.4 million; and Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, who paid more than $2 million for an ambassadorship to the U.N.

One Democrat staffer in a previously leaked email had mentioned that they wanted “a very brief call to go over our process for handling donations from donors who have given us pay-to-play letters.” This email leak confirms that statement.


Insider Trading – Securities Fraud
Here’s where it gets even dicier for the Democrats. Insider Trading is a Federal offense – an example: Martha Stewart. Then there is our favorite world manipulator of hate, money markets, and funding commies and jihadists – George Soros, who was convicted of Insider Trading in France in 2005. At least Martha spent some time behind bars, Soros not so much. Money talks.
The leaked information contains 3 files entitled “CNBC.” According to a source  of Journalist Matt Forney, “There is no way it’s just analysts’ opinions for that earnings spreadsheet, every friend he has on the Street would kill to be as accurate as they [the DNC] almost always were. This is insider trading for sure.”
The following is just one screenshot from those files.
So there you have it, in all its ugly, cheating, crooked dirty-ness.