Democrats Refuse to See the Big Picture With Hillary

By Eric Williams

Many Democrats believe it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn to be president. She’s suffered long enough through all of her husband’s shenanigans and put in her time with her “for show” positions as senator and secretary of state. PLUS, she has lady parts. That should be enough right there, right? So, on to the coronation!

Instead, Hillary is being dogged by the email/private server scandal that, if you listen to her supporters, is just a made-up bunch of nothing, pulled out of thin air by Trey Gowdy and his evil Benghazi committee. Never mind that this email scandal is all of Hillary’s own making. If she had simply played by the rules there would be no scandal hanging around her neck like an albatross.


Hillary Clinton – photo via

The failure to see the big picture

And therein lies the problem with today’s Democratic voter: the failure to see the bigger picture of all of Hillary’s failings when it comes to character. To be fair, there are a few voters on the left side of the aisle who are honest enough to realize Hillary is not the right person to be the first female president. But those people are few and far between, otherwise we would see her numbers even lower than they are now.

The problem the rest of us see in Hillary is that the very act of setting up her own private email server at her home was a deliberate act to deceive. She wanted to keep all of her under-the-table activity and communications off the grid. And no doubt she had President Obama’s blessing, he who never met a law he could follow himself.

Then there’s the attempted cover up. Forgetting all the other two-and-a-half decades of scandal she has been involved in, this email issue alone should make her someone who should be polling Rick Perry-like numbers (single digits.)

 What’s the big deal?

Nothing seems to matter to Democratic voters though. Advancing the cause is more important than having a good candidate. So while the rest of us see an unworthy, hypocritical, lying, sneaky, morally bankrupt individual in Hillary Clinton, her supporters want to know what the hell the big deal is?

On his show last week, Bill Maher, the poor man’s Jon Stewart, wondered to his guests if Hillary’s email scandal was really as important as climate change? Well, Bill, if climate change ever starts lying about handling classified material and compromising our nation’s national security by allowing itself to be hacked by our enemies, maybe we’ll start caring about it too. Maher also tried to downplay any seriousness related to her email issues, saying that Benghazi and Clinton’s email scandal:

“…Aren’t actual problems that effect Americans. I keep trying to be fair about, I’m trying to find some reason I should be upset with Hillary for using her, what? Work server when it should have been her home server, or vice versa? And just can’t find a problem there.” Bill Maher

Her supporters will continue to view the email scandal as today’s version of ‘Swift Boating’ Hillary, referencing a term used in the derailing of John Kerry’s presidential bid in 2004. Her campaign spokespeople will continue to say “it’s a very confusing issue to people,” and “we just need to do a better job of educating voters on the issues that matter most to them,” as ways of explaining away the controversy.

Hillary ‘Victim’ Clinton

Mrs. Clinton herself has resorted to playing the hapless victim in all this, saying to the press, “Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys.” Well, I would think that when your handlers make very clear to people at your town hall meetings that if they even so much as mention the email issue to Mrs. Clinton, bad things might happen, that will tend to keep discussion about the subject to a minimum. We all know how tightly scripted and micro-managed all of her events are.

So, would it be great to have a first female president? Sure! If we picked the right one. But we’ve seen what happens when people vote for a candidate based solely on their anatomy or skin color, choosing to overlook all of their other personal failings and character flaws. We hope that would be enough to help us learn from enormous mistakes like Barack Obama.

If only some people would take their blinders off.