Democrats Attempt to Block Rep Madison Cawthorn from Congress… Plan to Block Others Including Trump

Faye Higbee
democrats attempt

Democrats attempt to block Rep Madison Cawthorn from running for Congress by calling him an insurrectionist. He is suing over the matter, but Democrats also plan to block President Trump and anyone else they can with the same argument. It stems from a Section 3 of the 14th Amendment law used for Confederate Soldiers who actually did mount an insurrection 160 years ago, and the words they spoke on January 6, 2021. Will it work?

UPDATE: A judge blocked the effort to keep Cawthorne off the ballot on Friday, March 4.

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“Free Speech for People” is the left-wing group funding the challenge to Cawthorn’s candidacy. Of course, the name is a total misnomer as they are challenging Cawthorn’s First Amendment rights. Free speech only matters when it’s the leftist’s free speech. Obviously, they don’t consider Conservatives as people.

It’s not just that Cawthorn spoke at that pre-attack demonstration — one of only two members of Congress who spoke there — alongside other speakers who were demanding trial by combat and talking about sacrificing blood to fight for America,” Fein said. “But we also have reliable reporting that Cawthorn and his team were communicating with the planners ahead of Jan. 6 and helped to plan some of these events.”…

It is unfortunate that Madison Cawthorn has decided to run to federal court instead of complying with the process before the State Board of Elections. Cawthorn’s attempt to bypass the state’s well-developed procedures for resolving candidacy challenges is based on misunderstandings of federal and state law. When North Carolina sought to rejoin the Union in 1868, one of the conditions was that the state would enforce the Fourteenth Amendment’s Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause–and that’s exactly what our challenge seeks to do. We intend to move to intervene in this federal court case to oppose Cawthorn’s attempted end-run around the laws that the people of North Carolina enacted for addressing candidacy challenges.

Ron Fein, legal director for Free Speech for People (NPR) (ABC13)

Attorneys for Madison Cawthorn filed his lawsuit for an injunctive relief on January 31st against the action. His statement within the lawsuit says that they are attempting to destroy his 1st Amendment right of free speech. His argument in support of injunction reminds them that the Amnesty Act of 1872 deleted the clause being used by the leftists.

(1) violates his First Amendment rights by triggering a government investigation based solely upon a Challenger’s “reasonable suspicion”; (2) violates his Due Process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment by shifting the burden of proof onto him to prove he didn’t engage in an “insurrection or rebellion;” (3) is unconstitutional because it overrides the U.S. House of Representative’s exclusive power to determine the qualifications for its Members; and (4) violates federal law because the “disqualification clause,” Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment no longer applies to current Congressional Members, because of the Amnesty Act of 1872.

Matthew Cawthorn statement in lawsuit

Democrats are pulling out all the stops in their attempts to destroy our Republic. They only want THEIR leftist candidates to run for office and are using a candidate’s statements against them. If they can target candidates with this ruse, they can win over anyone who says anything contrary to their agenda. From anyone who says the 2020 election was “stolen” to using words that display a patriotic stance, they must not win this battle.

But ominously, this is not an isolated effort. Marc Elias, the Democrat lawyer behind the Trump Russia hoax, announced a few months ago a nation-wide effort to disqualify about two dozen Republican Members of Congress under this bizarre legal theory. Rep. Cawthorn is just the tip of Elias’ spear. Of course, this would mean that some two dozen Democrats might be running without a Republican nominee, cementing Democrats’ control of Congress. This despicable effort needs to be stopped here and now and Rep. Cawthorn has pledged to do everything necessary to do so.

Excerpt from a statement by The Bopp Law Firm that is representing Cawthorn


Featured screenshot: Madison Cawthorn speaking at CPAC

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