Democrats Afraid – of White Male Military Members and Trump Supporters

democrats afraid

Democrats afraid of everything is reaching ridiculous heights. They’re afraid of Conservatives, Christians, and now, Rep Steve Cohen (D-TN) says that white male military members could be seditionist sympathizers. After a fire broke out at a homeless encampment in DC, the city went even further into lockdown mode. The 25,000 National Guard members in DC are being vetted, looking for those who would commit an “insider attack.”


At around 10:20 a.m. Monday morning, a text was sent to all staffers in the Capitol: “All buildings within the Capitol Complex: External security threat, no entry or exit is permitted, stay away from exterior windows, doors. If outside, seek cover. USCP.”

“USCP: Due to an external security threat under the bridge on I-295 at First and F Streets SE, staff and other personnel are directed to avoid coming to the Capitol Complex area until further notice. All personnel currently on the Capitol Complex are advised to stay indoors.”

Fear is ruling over common sense in Washington DC. A propane tank burst into flames near a homeless encampment. It is unclear whether the tank(s) were placed there purposely or left as garbage. But the fire created an even heavier lockdown.

So why are Democrats afraid?

“The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male, and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that in the Guard, which is predominately more conservative … there are probably not more than 25% of the people that there protecting us that voted for Biden.” Rep Steve Cohen

CNN anchor Jim Scuitto managed to get one rare note of sanity in over the din of the fear in Cohen:

“To have voted for Trump, that is far different from being a threat of violence inside National Guard or law enforcement…I’m curious, is there — is there anything you’ve seen to substantiate just how broad this insider threat maybe if it exists?”

CNN anchor Jim Scuitto

His answer? No. He hasn’t seen anything to substantiate his rabidly discriminatory statement. Never mind, though, the FBI and the Guard are actively looking for people who might attack the Democrats on Wednesday.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes?

Democrats have brought all of this on themselves. They’ve stoked division, ignored the violence of the left, and pushed ridiculous narratives for years. They have made ordinary Americans extremely angry. You “reap what you sow” the Good Book says, and they are fast moving toward the communism they wanted in the first place. The problem is that there are consequences.

They have turned Washington DC, our nation’s Capitol, into an armed camp over a virtual inauguration for a guy who can barely form a sentence. They have walls up all around the White House and Capitol Building. (Wait, walls work?) They’ve closed all the bridges, most of the streets, and parks around the city. Democrats afraid of “insurrection by Trump supporters” have made a total hash of the inauguration. It’s their own fault. They stole the election.


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