Democrat Games: Kyrsten Sinema’s Campaign Deception Revealed by Project Veritas

kyrsten sinema

Kyrsten Sinema is pretending to be a moderate so she can win over Martha McSally in Arizona’s Senate Race for Jeff Flake’s seat. Only Project Veritas infiltrated her campaign…revealing that the whole “moderate” stance is a lie. She’s a radical leftist and always has been.

Project Veritas reported,

  • Campaign Staff Mocks Sinema Platform: “She’s going to stand up and protect Arizonans values. Whatever the f**k that means.”
  • Sinema’s Immigration Proposal: “path to citizenship” For All Non-Criminals ”
  • Sinema Campaign Manager: “We can’t be talking about an assault weapons ban,”Describes an Incremental Approach to Gun Control
    Top Donor Says Gun Control “couldn’t be a platform issue…” But Sinema Would Still Vote for It
  • Campaign Staff Says: “… she is pro-choice. She is very liberal, she’s progressive”
    Sinema Donor: Can’t Do “anything that’ll alienate any voters… gotta be all Martha McSally is a c**t and uh, and [Sinema is] good”

Such vile names and sentiments from these lovely tolerant Democrats.  Martha McSally is a military veteran. Sinema has said people can go fight for the Taliban if they want.

In the video, Rep. Sinema says that Arizonans will “actually shoot you” if you support gun bans in an Arizona campaign. Davidson says that while Rep. Sinema can’t outwardly campaign on gun bans, what she can do is champion other gun control points:

DAVIDSON: “So we can’t talk about that [assault weapon bans] right? So what Kyrsten… the conversation that she can lead is how do we get to a place where we can, background checks… We’ve got to fix the gun show loophole, we have to fix the background check system. We’ve got to make it harder for people who have been convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes to get guns—I mean those are the conversations we can have.”

What’s the plan? Infiltration.The Senate has 6 year terms. The hope is that by infiltrating at the moderate level, they’ll be able to slowly drag the country left over the course of the longer term.

Madison Snarr, another field organizer, didn’t mince words about not having a clue about what it right for Arizona.

In spite of her “moderate” rhetoric on gun control, that’s not who she really is: she is a “progressive,” pro-choice, and very “liberal” according to Lauren Fromm one of her campaign field organizers.They don’t talk about gun control or bans, just try to keep the conversation “safe.” They babble about all sort of “safer” gun control topics like more background checks and the nonexistent “gun show loophole.”

Let’s just say that Kyrsten Sinema isn’t what she seems. Arizona, vote RED.