Del Mar Fairgrounds May Have Gun Shows For Now: US District Court

By Faye Higbee

After anti-gunners went to great lengths to get the Del Mar Fairgrounds be off-limits for the “Crossroads of the West” gun show, the US District Court ruled not so fast on Tuesday. The court issued an injunction against the suspension of the gun shows, and ruled they can now occur again at least until the legality of the suspension is determined.

Last year, the Del Mar Fairgrounds voted to suspend the gun show until policies could be ironed out, as we previously reported. Pro-gun organizations such as the California Rifle and Pistol Association filed suit against the State.

KBPS reported: “A federal judge ruled that gun shows can continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, at least for now, as the court considers a lawsuit against a state agency’s decision to effectively suspend the shows, the California Rifle and Pistol Association announced Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo issued a preliminary injunction on Monday, ruling that the state must allow gun shows at the fairgrounds to continue while the court rules on the legality of the suspension. As such, gun shows like the Crossroads of the West will be allowed to reserve dates and hold shows at the fairgrounds for the first time since last December.

The state’s 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors, which oversees the Del Mar Fairgrounds, voted last September to temporarily ban the sale of guns and ammunition at the fairgrounds until state legislators could iron out concerns about on-site purchases.

The vote effectively suspended gun shows at the fairgrounds after Jan. 1, prompting the CRPA to file suit against the state of California. The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation are also supporting the CRPA in its grievance.

Gun control activist groups like Never Again California, a group of Del Mar residents and the cities of Del Mar, Encinitas and Solana Beach called for an end to gun shows at the fairgrounds last year in response to mass shootings and instances of gun violence around the country...”

Was it legal for the fairgrounds to suspend the “Crossroads of the West” gun show? That’s the issue now before the court.

The flaw in their reasoning to ban gun shows? Mass shooters don’t buy their guns at gun shows. Have gun shows ever been shown cause more gun violence in the cities around where they occur? Have background checks EVER stopped a mass shooter from killing people? Nope. They tend to pass those checks, or the guns were stolen.

Anti-gunners have a mantra, a litany of deceptions they use to attack gun owners. And in the case of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, liberal politicians like Gov Gavin Newsom piled on against the gun show that had been held there for over 30 years, using a spate of gun violence in the country as an excuse. They came out against hosting a gun show on ANY state land.

AB 893 bans gun shows on any state property. And they totally believe they have the ‘will of the people’ behind them in spite of the lawsuit. Or perhaps it’s to h*** with the will of the people and push forward with the anti-gun agenda. It IS California, after all. The injunction places that law in jeopardy, though it has already passed the Assembly and is currently in the CA Senate.

“This injunction ignores the will of residents in the communities around the Del Mar Fairgrounds who have stated unequivocally that they do not want guns or ammunition sold on this public, state-owned property. We will continue to persist with our legislation to prohibit gun and ammunition sales on the fairgrounds and I hope the Del Mar Fair Board chooses to appeal this misguided decision.” Todd Gloria (D-San Diego)

Fox5 San Diego

In California, anything is possible with the liberals in charge. To have a court actually instate an injunction against the gun control crowd is amazing. But what anti-gunners always fail to take into account is that there are two sides to every argument.

“It is unconscionable that a very few people would use the force of government to discriminate against fellow San Diegans simply because they dislike them for exercising their rights. The injunction shows that the judge agrees there is a valid and important case to be made on behalf of California gun owners.” Michael Schwarz, executive director of San Diego County Gun Owners.


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin