Deer munch their way through 960 Hemp Plants

By Faye Higbee

Murphy, Oregon – Out of 1,000 marijuana plants, there are only 40 left after a herd of deer munched their way through a hemp field in Southern Oregon. That’s one way to mow down a field…ok an expensive field.

Orhempco, a hemp growing company in Oregon, had planted the crop and were looking forward to a profitable harvest. Until the deer got through the barbed wire fence and took control of the situation.

“Generally, I don’t think they like cannabis. They liked ours, though.” Cliff Thomason, one of the  owners of Orhempco.

Yahoo News wrote,

Only some of the crop is protected by the very tall fencing needed to thwart deer. Doyle said a reason some crops were left vulnerable was because of the uncertainty surrounding the program. A bill in the Oregon Legislature would have put Orhempco out of business had it passed the Senate.

 hemp plants

Yummmm, deer food

Industrial hemp

The kind of hemp grown at Orhempco is low in THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. But it is high in protein, which is likely what made it so attractive to the deer.

Hemp is grown for seed, oil, and fiber- and is used in many products, including shampoos, health foods, ropes, etc.  It is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world.

Orhempco stated that they have other fields planted at different times and were at different levels of maturity that will yield the seeds needed for products.

“We wanted to hurry and get in the ground and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Next year, if we decide to grow in the same place, we will have the necessary infrastructure.” Kit Doyle, Orhempco partner

Apparently the deer wanted something new to munch. Cannabis is an interesting choice. We just hope they really don’t have any side-effects of eating the hemp plants. A herd of stoned deer stumbling around the roadways in Southern Oregon would be hazardous.