Dear Future Gunshot Victim

By Instructor Craig

“Dear future gunshot victim, I am going to stand on your grave and politicize your death to push my political agenda.”

That is what the title of this disgusting video, narrated by Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA), from “Now This” should say. We have seen leftists use horrible tragedy’s as a means to push their anti gun political agenda over and over.  Sandy Hook, Aurora, Florida Pulse Night Club, San Bernadino, Las Vegas, etc. the list goes on and on. Now, they aren’t even waiting to have graves to stand on. They are politicizing deaths that haven’t even happened.

The fear-mongering in this video is shameful. Clark makes it sound as if random innocent people are being gunned down every day in the United States.

“I don’t know the exact circumstances of how you will be shot, maybe you will be in your elementary school…”

When in reality the majority of firearms related deaths in the US can be mostly attributed to suicide, gang violence, domestic violence and justifiable homicide (self defense).  In fact, according to, guns are used more than 80 times more often to protect a life than to take one. So basically, unless you are involved in a criminal enterprise or are in a violent domestic relationship, the chances of you being gunned down are very, very slim. In fact, the odds dictate that you are more likely to be saved by a gun than hurt by one.

Still this sad excuse for a Rep insists on strumming our pain with her fingers, virtue signaling to the rest of the country, making sure EVERY ONE knows just how horrible she feels about gunshot victims.  She lets every one know that she’s fighting tooth and nail to save lives.

Meanwhile, she is a STRONG advocate for abortion. Clark co-sponsored Women’s Health Protection Act and will, “stand up to the extremist attacks on women’s rights, and she will not allow far right Republicans to take away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Katherine will fight to defend women’s access to family planning and birth control, and fight against radical Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.” –

I don’t know about you but, to me, this is extremely hypocritical.

She backs her political, gun-grabbing agenda up on the fact that she is compassionate and every life matters. Meanwhile, ABORTIONS FOR ALL.

Clark, and Now This, champion their cause stating,“Your death and the deaths of thousands of others, will ignite action” openly admitting that they will use future gunshot victims as political steppingstones to try and strip us of our rights. She probably slept so good after filming this video thinking she did some great deed, when in reality, what she did was disgusting. Piling her political agenda up up up…

This video pays no attention to statistical data, and it misleads the American population that doesn’t care to do their own research. It almost makes me envious of the next gunshot victim, at least they won’t have to listen to this hypocritical virtue signaling.