De Blasio Danced in Times Square While Everyone Else Was Prohibited

de blasio danced

In keeping with the theme of 2021, “All for me, None for thee,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio danced in Times Square with his wife while the rest of New York was told to stay home and social distance. The outrage it caused did nothing to change his attitude, either – he is defiant and arrogant about it.

McCain is right – De Blasio is basically the “worst” politician ever to be in charge of the Big Apple. It was sort of like ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burned,’ and the folks who noticed weren’t cutting him any slack at all.

Adding to the fracas was the fact that New York City Sheriff’s office (are they Mayor de Blasio’s own private police force?) busted three “illegal” New Year’s Eve Parties.

Read this: “Illegal New Year’s Eve Parties.” And, horror of horrors, the party-goers weren’t wearing masks. We’re aghast at such a blatant observation of personal freedom.

Seriously- is violating an Executive Order actually a “thing” – because if so, de Blasio violated it himself. He appears to be able to do anything he wants while New Yorkers are fined into oblivion for doing something normal. A warning citation should be given to de Blasio, don’t you think? And let’s make the fine, say several million dollars.

One party had around 300 people, another 145, and another around 80. The biggest party, at the Maspeth Bar Lounge, featured Karaoke, lots of booze, and a door that was locked from the outside.

The bar owner, Man Phan, 37, and with his wife, He Bin Wang, 37, were charged with violation of an executive order, violation of an emergency measure and for failing to protect health and safety. Phan was also charged with running an unlicensed bottle club, unlawfully warehousing alcohol and for obstructing an egress and will face a $15,000 fine. 

Guowei Lin, 44, the shindig’s DJ, also faced charges and a $1,000 fine, along with Fang Zou, a 35-year-old employee, Fucito said. 

New York Post

In a city of millions of people, it is highly unlikely that only 3 NYE parties took place. But while de Blasio danced the midnight dance in a deserted Times Square, the New York City Sheriff’s department busted the ‘dangerous culprits.’ If New York wants to keep busting parties instead of real criminals because of “covid” – will New Yorkers return to hiding every gathering as they did during prohibition? Count on it.


Featured photo: de Blasio danced – screenshot va Twitter

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