DC Mayor Asks for National Guard for January 5th – 6th Rallies, Tells People to Stay Away

It is sometimes unimaginable that politicians believe the lies that float through media or the snarls they create. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has requested the National Guard for DC to protect from the demonstrators that are coming to the city on January 5th and 6th. She refused to do the same for Black Lives Matter riots back in June, and even kicked the Utah Guard out of local hotels. (Post Millennial) President Trump had to call them up himself.

Yesterday, the Mayor tweeted:

The police chief took a swipe at people who wish to bring a firearm, and said that would not be allowed.

Black Lives Matter is accusing the demonstrators on their way for the “Stop the Steal” rally of being “white supremacists.” And the Mayor is expecting the demonstrators are coming to cause violence. It’s actually the leftists they should be worried about, but apparently their radar is off. The constant narrative that Trump supporters are the violent ones is ludicrous. Antifa and their targeting of Trump supporters is the main problem.

“Someone need to tell @MayorBowser & Acting Chief Contee that white supremacists don’t care about signs that say guns are not allowed. Stationing police officers in front of churches didn’t stop them from burning signs last time. Here are our demands to send a clear message.” BLM

That whole “enforce social distancing and mask wearing” thing was totally nonexistant when Black Lives Matter was in DC. But who’s counting?

The last rally in December left 4 people stabbed, and 23 people arrested, as well as several officers injured. Antifa in the mix didn’t help, as they targeted Trump supporters, including an older couple. There is no reason to believe that won’t happen again, so if you’re going, be prepared and don’t get separated from the Trump supporters. DC isn’t Mayberry.

The National Guard is directly answerable to the President, not the DC Mayor, but she demanded that they not be armed, or conduct surveillance or searches and seizures of persons. They are not law enforcement, so why she was worried is a little off.

The DC Mayor has her wires crossed.


Featured photo: file screenshot of Muriel Bowser

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