Daytona Beach Officer Shot in the Head, Manhunt Underway

Florida – A Daytona Beach officer was conducting a routine patrol Wednesday night when he came upon a car with California tags. He exited his patrol vehicle and approached the driver, and simply asked him “How’s it going? Do you live here?” After a brief back and forth, the driver came out of the car and shot the officer in the head. The suspect fled the scene.

UPDATE: Othal Wallace been arrested.

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The Daytona Beach officer was checking on a suspicious incident at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, according to police. An unidentified person sitting alone in an out of state vehicle could be easily considered suspicious.

The suspect has been identified as Othal Wallace. There is a $100,000 reward for information leading to his capture. Atlanta law enforcement has been alerted that he might attempt to head that direction. Wallace is from Florida, not California, which is likely the reason the officer approached the vehicle in the first place.

The officer requested that he stay seated in the vehicle, a request that he ignored. Wallace immediately got out of the vehicle.

Sir, come on now. Don’t do this. Why you asking me do I live here? What’s going on though?”

Suspect Wallace said from the body cam video

Seconds later a shot rang out, the body cam shook, and the Daytona Beach officer went down.

“Upon arrival he contacted a coward that was sitting inside a 2016 Honda vehicle with a California tag on it and as he was escorting him out of the car at some point the suspect turns and shoots my officer one time in the head,” Young said. “The officer is currently at Halifax Hospital in grave condition.”

Young said more than 500 officers from various agencies had responded to help find Wallace.

News-Journal Online

Another outlet stated the age of the unidentified officer:

This cop is 26 years old… fighting for his life. Most of us are just starting to live at 26 years old. We are completely heartbroken by what took place.”

Chief Jakari Young ( WOFL)

As of 4 a.m. Thursday, the Daytona Beach officer was out of surgery, but his condition is still listed as grave.

A prayer vigil has been organized for this afternoon.

Suspect Othal Wallace

Photo from Wallace’s Facebook

Othal Wallace has a Facebook page called O-Zone Wallace. It contains several photos of NFAC, the black militia group. It appears that Wallace also subscribes to Black Hebrew Israelites ideas. The words Qam Yasharahla on the header of his Facebook means “Rise O Israel” – but in this context is referring to the Black Hebrew Israelites, who believe they are the Chosen people of God. Their doctrine has elements of Judaism and Christian thought, but is twisted into a philosophy of hate. Numerous postings on Facebook supported him.


Featured photo: mugshot of Othal Wallace- since there is a mugshot of him, that means he has a criminal record.

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