Days of Rage – Stabbings, Confrontations on the Rise in Israel

By Faye Higbee

Reports coming out of friends in Israel have stated that the number of terrorist stabbings has risen dramatically all across the country from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem over the last 3 weeks. Of course, the United States refuses to call them “terrorist” incidents. Israeli News is also reporting the increase in incidents of stabbings.

days of rage

photo via Siman Tov Allalouf

Hamas and PA Days of Rage

Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Gaza’s Hamas government, praised the recent Palestinian stabbing attacks across Israel from Gaza on Friday morning. He called it an “intifada”  which means “uprising.” It also means extreme violence for the citizens of Israel.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Birkat, admonished residents to carry weapons if they were licensed to do so due to the recent violence.

“We have had two more stabbings today so far … one in Jerusalem and one in Kiryat Arba.  We also had a mentally unstable Jew … a 17 year old with a criminal history … go into a crowd of Arabs near Dimona and begin stabbing them.  He was arrested.  No deaths reported .. but the rage of the Arabs has increased yet again from this. ” Uncle Sam’s Source from Israel



Stabbing in Tel Aviv – terrorist deceased, shot by an IAF officer. photo credit: Reuven Schwartz

Fox News reported,

A 14-year-old Israeli and a police officer were stabbed in separate assaults while four Arabs were stabbed by an Israeli in the southern city of Dimona. A Palestinian used a vegetable peeler to stab and injure the teen in Jerusalem before the attacker was arrested, police said…

What began as Palestinians throwing rocks and firebombs at passing cars and police morphed into a deadly shooting and a rash of knife attacks where Palestinians stabbed Israeli civilians and soldiers in the streets. Four Palestinians were killed after carrying out attacks against Israelis since Saturday. Three Palestinian protesters were killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the West Bank during that time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the attacks a “terror wave.”

Israel has significantly beefed up security in response to the violence in Jerusalem, and on Thursday police set up metal detectors at the entrance to Israel’s Old City.

The terror wave

One Israeli told us that there were four “lone wolf attacks” yesterday- Tel Aviv, northern Israel, and in Jerusalem.  They stated that Israeli police were on high alert because of Friday Muslim prayers.

The situation is far more complicated than the Mainstream media would have us believe.

Israel Map via PBS

This information came in from a group in Israel yesterday:

 The majority of Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip, where they are ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (which also gave birth to al Qaeda). Hamas calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, basing itself on impeccable Islamic sources in the Quran and the hadith (Muslim religious law)…

So what is going on is multifaceted. The Palestinian Authority is giving Islamist jihadi forces a free but measured hand to stir up riots and terrorist murders. They are hoping that this will mobilize the Islamic world to exert international pressure on Israel; that it will secure the Palestinian Authority’s tottering throne; and that it will weaken Abbas’ arch-enemies Hamas. This is modern Palestinian brinksmanship.

The plan to take over

Another group reported,

For the past ten days violent terror attacks have been increasing… this is a very well organised attempt to bring fear so that Israel begins the process of surrendering East Jerusalem (which includes the Temple Mount).

Many Israelis believe that these murderous attacks are the attempt by Palestinians and terror groups to finally take over the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem. They see it as a drive to pressure the world into doing what they want.  If there is enough violence, enough upheaval, they believe embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu will capitulate.

What do you think? Will that plan work or will it backfire?