Dawson County, GA – Hero Bystander Shoots Suspect Assaulting Deputy

By Faye Higbee

Georgia – Dawson County Deputy Sgt. Randy Harkness, 52, is a 24 year veteran of the force. On Tuesday afternoon at around 2:40 p.m., he gave a man a courtesy ride to the gas station on Georgia Highway 400 according to Fox5. The man began beating the deputy, seriously injuring him, but a female bystander noticed the altercation, got out of her car with a gun, and shot the suspect. The suspect fled the scene. “Good guy” with a gun saved a life.

The suspect fled across the street to the McDonald’s parking lot and assaulted an elderly woman. Then several other “good samaritans” pinned him down until police arrived.

Sheriff Jeff Johnson stated that Harkness had just started to give the man money when he was assaulted, and that the man was likely attempting to get the officer’s gun. He made a special note to say that the “witness who shot the suspect that was beating a deputy stopped a bad situation from becoming worse.”

Harkness received serious injuries to his head and neck and was transported to the hospital. The elderly woman also had a head injury and was taken to the hospital. The suspect was hospitalized for the gunshot wound. All were expected to recover, according to news reports. It is unclear what the charges will be at this time, but it is certain there will be some for the suspect.

The liberal narrative is always that a “good guy with a gun” doesn’t exist, that guns are so dangerous that in the hands of citizens they make things worse. This woman is a hero, plain and simple.

This situation is yet another instance of someone stopping an incident before death occurred. If it is true that the man was trying to get the deputy’s gun, he likely would have killed the officer, even though the officer was doing him a favor and trying to help him.