David Hogg continues public temper tantrum in effort to enact gun control

By Conservative Firing Line
David Hogg (Screenshot: YouTube)

David Hogg, the student-turned-activist and liberal media darling hailed as something of a “messiah” on gun control, has been making the rounds in his ongoing temper tantrum to get gun control legislation enacted.

Just this past weekend, for example, he was in New Jersey, stumping for gun control.  While there, he declared that he would not be going back to school until Florida lawmakers, whom he smeared as “child murderers” without any proof whatsoever, enacted some form of gun control legislation.

Translation:  Waaahhhhh!  Gimme what I want or else!

Prior to that, he played the role of travel advisor, telling potential spring breakers they should not go to Florida unless lawmakers enact gun control.

Of course, because in his alleged “mind,” hurting Florida’s tourism industry will show those big meanies at the NRA.

Then he took on the role of financial advisor, telling his low-information followers to divest themselves of FedEx stock until the company caves to anti-gun leftists.  Naturally, his supporters — apparently unable to think for themselves — pledged to blindly follow his orders.

And there’s more.  He also wants Amazon to censor the NRA by cutting off livestreams of NRA-TV:

He’s also learned how to smear those with whom he disagrees.  For example, he falsely accused NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch of not caring about police officers in a futile effort to drive a wedge between her and the five million members of the NRA.

In his view, anyone who doesn’t want even more gun control is automatically guilty of being a “child murderer” or doesn’t care if children get shot.

Many have accused Hogg of being a “crisis actor.”  While we’ve been careful to avoid that label, we can’t help but think that something doesn’t smell right about this character.  For example, who is coaching this kid?  And who is funding him?  Since he’s targeting a crucial right guaranteed in the Constitution, don’t we have the right to ask?

And what are his efforts getting him?  Liberal politicians and fake news pundits love him, but our sense is that a growing number of average Americans are getting rather sick and tired of his childish antics.  Any time now, we expect he’ll tell the world he’s holding his breath until gun control is enacted.  Good luck with that.

What’s really scary is that this is an example of what may lead the country sometime in the future…

At some point, Hogg’s 15 minutes has to end — the sooner, the better.