David Chipman’s ATF Nomination Rescinded

Faye Higbee
david chipman's ATF

David Chipman’s ATF nomination have been rescinded due to the mounting opposition voiced in Congress. The Giffords member who stated openly that AR guns should be banned, started a rocky road to the nomination. Now he is no longer on the list of nominees. It’s great for gunowners, but we must watch to see who is nominated to take his place – the unknown person is likely to still be a gun control advocate. WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the White House was looking for another slot for this anti-gunner to be in the administration.

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington that the White House is in active discussions with Chipman on finding him another role in the administration.

The Epoch Times

So it is not exactly a victory – it’s a temporary halt to the nomination, only to find a backdoor for David Chipman’s ATF nomination now could become a career elsewhere in the Biden administration.

Chipman, a staunch gun control advocate, has faced significant criticism from moderate members of the Senate Democratic caucus, gun rights groups, and Republican leadership since his nomination…

The National Association for Gun Rights (AGR), a strongly pro-Second Amendment organization, issued a statement on the withdrawal.

“This morning, the White House and anti-gun Democrats admitted defeat and withdrew their nomination of David Chipman to head the ATF,” the AGR said in its release. It referenced the split among Senate Democrats, saying that the “staunch gun control advocate could not garner enough support in the U.S. Senate to make it through the nomination process.”…

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) in July unleashed a torrent of accusations at Chipman and the party that nominated him on the Senate floor. He criticized Democrats for allowing crime rates to rise dramatically by “implicitly supporting ‘defund the police’ by staying silent.”…

Finally, Thune turned to Biden’s nomination of Chipman. “Nowhere are President Biden’s priorities more clear than in his choice of nominee to lead the ATF.” Chipman, the senator noted, “would come to the ATF directly from an organization where he has spent the past five years as a gun control advocate.”

The Epoch Times

The ATF directorship has been a sticking point for nominees for decades. Only one nominee, B. Todd Jones, under the Obama administration, was confirmed by the Senate. The partisan bickering over any potential ATF Director, including David Chipman’s ATF nomination, reveals the need for a nominee with strong knowledge of the Constitution, and a large amount of fairness in their backbone. Until that kind of person is found for the job, the problems with an ATF nomination will continue.


Featured photo: Screenshot of David Chipman

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