Dangerous New York Bill A416 – For the Good of Public Health, Removal and Detention!

Faye Higbee

The fear-mongering in New York at least is paying off in the form of a pre-filed bill: A416. It is set to be referred to the health committee on January 6, 2021. The bill seeks to amend New York health law so that if someone or a group of someones comes down with a communicable disease, the state can remove them and place them in a detention facility for being potentially dangerous to others. It may sound like some sort of conspiracy, but it is real.

Be certain to read the entire bill for yourself at the link below.

A416 reads in part:

1. The provisions of this section shall be utilized in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease.
 2. Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence that the health of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or suspected  case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease that, in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner,  may pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or high mortality, the governor or his or her delegee, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments, may order the removal and/or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order,  identifying such persons either by name or by a reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained. Such person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor or his or her delegee and complying with subdivision five of this section.
 3. A person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegee pursuant to subdivision two of this section shall be detained for such period and in such manner as the department may direct in accordance with this section.”

US Military lays concertina wire at US border- photo via wikimedia

The bill states that the person or group detained should not be held over 3 days without a ‘commissioner’s’ order, and they should be given the right to speak. But the governor or person he/she delegates may apply for a court order to extend the detention as long as needed until the person is no longer contagious. If the detention goes over 60 days, the state must get a court order to extend it, and that is to be reviewed every 90 days. In other words, the detention can go well over a 10 -14 day quarantine.

This bill is exceedingly dangerous to Americans. Nicholas Giordano at PAS Report writes:

New York State Bill A416 is perhaps one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation I have read. This is a wake-up call to every fair-minded individual of just how successfully have been able to scare our society into compliance, and even more frightening, they have scared the population so much that many agree with draconian laws like this. Of course, they will say it’s for their and society’s own good. The bill is meant to amend the NYS Public Health Law, and introduce a provision as it “relates to the removal of cases, contacts, and carriers of communicable diseases that are potentially dangerous to public health.” Pay attention to keywords like- “potentially” dangerous.

How much are you willing to give up your rights and liberties? How much are you willing to empower the government?

Nicholas Giordano, PAS Report

Those last two questions are imperative for you to answer, especially if you live in New York. Are you indeed willing to allow Governor Cuomo the authority to place you, your relatives or a group of friends in a special detention facility because they contracted COVID or any other disease coming down the pike? Think about it. If New York passes this kind of power grab, how long will it be before other states follow?

This is NOT Communist China. The state should have no power to place you in a detention facility because you are “potentially dangerous to public health.” It’s the word “potentially” that is worrisome. And being able to hold you past the normal quarantine time is egregious.

2021 could be the beginning of something far worse than any CCP virus.


Featured composite photo: Heart Mountain, Wyo. Japanese Internment Camp from WWII. Credit: Tom Parker/U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

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