Damage to America: Federal Agencies, Fake News Lies, Keyboard Warriors

By Faye Higbee

There is a lot of damage to America caused by federal agencies withholding key information, fake news lies, and keyboard warriors’ interference. They have all caused severe, unwarranted damage to President Trump and his allies. The FBI and Capitol police knew about potential violence ahead of Jan 6th. Keyboard warriors and fake news media are continuing to wreak havoc with every Trump supporter and innocent persons. And all of them have been purposely promoted by the Swamp. What do you need to know?

Federal agency lack of integritythe damage

The FBI sat on information that would have vindicated President Trump, not just in the whole Russian collusion hoax, but at the Capitol breach on January 6th. The Capitol breach was PRE-PLANNED, and the timeline of his speech did NOT reflect “incitement” of the riot. The FBI knew this, but did not release the information that the assault on the Capitol was planned well in advance until AFTER the House impeached him. There are some in the FBI rank and file who truly love America – there are others that are so deeply biased they should be removed.

To be certain, if the riot at the U.S. Capitol was planned weeks ahead of time, then it wasn’t a spontaneous event that occurred as a result of the speech President Trump gave on Jan. 6.

At the speech, President Trump explicitly urged those protesting the certification of the election results by Congress to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Now, it becomes much harder to prove the article of impeachment, incitement of insurrection, where the House alleges the President “willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — lawless action at the Capitol.” In other words, the allegation is that the riot was spontaneous, directly resulting from Trump’s speech.

Now we know that is wrong. The attack was planned well ahead of time. Legitimate questions can be asked about whether there was any coordination between the multiple groups that are being named as having participated in the attack.

Robert Romano, Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government.

Misidentification: Keyboard Warriors lies – the damage

Retired Chicago Firefighter David Quintavalle was at home on January 6th – nowhere near the US Capitol building. It was a normal day for him with a trip to the grocery store and Home Depot. He is not on social media, so didn’t immediately know that a misidentification was about to change his life.

None of this should be news, because these are things that normal people do regularly. But for Quintavalle, an otherwise normal day was shattered when he was publicly and falsely accused of being the man who attacked a U.S. Capitol Police officer with a fire extinguisher. That officer, Brian Sicknick, later died from his injuries…

…As Patch reported, the unconfirmed identification of Quintavalle spread, and people who pointed out that the Quintavalle’s picture did not match the unidentified man in the photo from the Capitol riot, they were accused of being “bots.”

People dug up whatever information they could about Quintavalle, pointing out his son’s profession and finding a three-year-old blog post from his estranged brother “accusing the retired firefighter of being a ‘bum’ who fraudulently acquired their mother’s home.”

Within hours of the false identification, Quintavalle started receiving phone calls from strangers calling him a “f***ing murderer.” Reporters camped out in front of his house. A patrol call [sic] had to be sent to keep an eye on the situation.

On Wednesday, Quintavalle spoke to the FBI and provided them receipts and other evidence showing that he was 600 miles away from the Capitol riot.

Daily Wire

Social media gossip destroyed a retired firefighter. A keyboard warrior that saw a man who resembled Quintavalle went off the rails – the damage to a man’s life is tremendous. He has to have police protection at his home. What was once a simple retirement has now become a nightmare.

Fake News CNN Lied

Screenshot of Alex Azar via Today on YouTube

HHS Secretary Alex Azar hasn’t left his post. But fake news CNN stated that he had resigned after the Capitol breach. In fact, all political appointees had to turn in their resignations to the President, but most of them had an ending date of January 20. Apparently Anderson Cooper can’t read, nor can anyone else who listened to the CNN lies.

Azar also released a copy of his resignation letter, which is addressed to President Trump and dated Jan. 12. It states in the first paragraph that Azar planned his departure for Jan. 20.

“It has been the greatest professional privilege and honor of my life to serve as Secretary,” Azar writes to the president, “and I thank you for the opportunity to serve the American people.”


The damage done to America from the fake news media lies, social media keyboard warriors, and deep state agencies has ricocheted across the spectrum. As with the violence at the US Capitol, it was all pre-planned. Fake news CNN, the keyboard warriors, the federal agencies who sat on important information…all of them are to blame.


Featured photo: Capitol building by Author

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