Dam Breaching. No Energy? No Problem, Just Take Out Dams and Make It Worse

Faye Higbee

The Pacific Northwest runs on hydropower from dams. It’s clean, reliable power that brings electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers in Washington and Idaho. Democrats want to do a little dam breaching along the Snake River. Doing that would seriously impair the energy needed for homes, farms, and businesses in at least three states. They’re not doing it without a fight.

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The dams on the lower Snake River provide our region with clean and affordable hydropower, transportation of commodities and other goods, tourism, flood control, crop irrigation, and more. Their benefits far outweigh arguments for their removal.

Not even two years ago, the federal government completed a comprehensive and scientific multi-year study of the lower Snake River dams. The study’s findings were clear: the lower Snake River dams should not be breached.

Yet last week, Washington State Democrats heralded a draft report – one they had paid for – on breaching the dams.

Instead of the federal study’s four years, their report took six months.

Instead of the federal study’s experts, their report was conducted by political consultants.

The results of an unscientific and politically-motivated review of cherry-picked information do not concern me.

Saving Northwest salmon is a worthy goal, and I welcome actual collaboration to improve salmon populations. But spending billions of dollars to blow up critical infrastructure is a nonstarter.

I remain flatly opposed to dam breaching.

Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) in an email to constiutents

The idea is being promoted by Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Sen Patty Murray (D-WA). Oregon govenor Kate Brown also proposed the dam breaching the year before Washington signed the bill. Their plan has nothing whatever to do with “saving the salmon” – it is just another “green” agenda designed to harm Americans. Do they want a windmill in every yard? Oh, dang it, our yard is too small for one of those behemoths, not to mention the power generated by them is woefully inadequate. And what about farmers whose crops depend on the water from dams? Will that contribute to even more food shortages? Count on it.

This author did one of her college senior class studies on the salmon decline along the Columbia and Idaho rivers. Back then, it was the gill net fishing along the rivers that heavily contributed to the problem. The fact is there are Federal regulations for taking care of the fish population – the juvenile fish are transported around the dams. But politicians would rather destroy the dams than confront the government’s own mismanagement of the salmon population.

Inslee signed into law SB 5974, which we reported on previously: 

The legislation — dubbed “Clean Cars 2030” — was enacted as part of a $17 billion climate agenda called “Move Ahead Washington.” Other facets of the package include $5.4 billion for “carbon reduction and multimodal expansion,” $2.4 billion for “fish passage barrier removals,” $836 million for “four new hybrid-electric ferries,” and $150 million for “ultra-high-speed rail.”

Daily Wire

‘Fish passage barrier removals’ means dam breaching This moronic proposal is part of Washington’s “green” plan… and Oregon proposed the same thing in 2020. Idaho butts up against the states of Washington and Oregon, and our legislators are fighting back. They are literally fighting for our residents to have cheap, clean power. The green lobby is dangerous, America, if you haven’t already figured it out.


Featured screenshot via us Army Corps of Engineers photo of the Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River.

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