Daesh – Why ISIS hates that word (Video)

By Faye Higbee

Daesh. ISIS hates it. Anything ISIS hates, is something we should love. They’ve threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone using that word to describe them. In that case…

French President Hollande deliberately used that word after the Paris attacks. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott used it before he was unseated as Prime Minister in September. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has started to use it as well. Because the hard line Daesh/ISIS members hate the term.


Daesh. DAESH. Daesh….they hate that term. Good (photo via wikipedia)

The Daily Mail reported,

Islamic State is to re-branded ‘Daesh’ by the Government – because its hard-line leaders do not like the word. David Cameron said the word would be used in all official references to the fanatics as he attacked the BBC for its refusal to do the same. Downing Street denied the move had anything to do with ‘political correctness. Officials believe the name Islamic State legitimises the terror group.

Demeaning Daesh

Daesh stands for al Dawlah al-Islameyah fi Iraq wal-Sham. But it also sounds much like the Arab word Daas, which means to trample or crush something underfoot, or a bigot who imposes his views on others, or someone who sows discord. They HATE the term.

The Associated Press reported that it is “silly sounding.” But if silly makes the terrorists hate it, then it’s worth using to demean them.

Expansion of territory part of their agenda

The terror group seeks to expand their territory- the name ISIL- Or Islamic State in Iraq and  the Levant, is inclusive of all the nations in their area- from Israel to Jordan, Iraq and Syria.  ISIS is the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, or Islamic States in Iraq and Syria.

Obama and his entire cabinet refer to the group as ISIL – giving them legitimacy in the region.

Evan Kohlmann, an American “counterterrorism consultant” used by MSNBC doesn’t think that the Daesh term should be used “even if you don’t like them.”

Well we don’t like them, Evan. And for those who wish to use the term as often as they want, go for it.