Cuomo Told New York Protesters to “Get a Job as an Essential Worker”

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Andrew Cuomo told New York protesters who want New York to open up that they should just go get a job as an “essential worker.” What a nice guy. Not. He’s so out of touch with the normal working people that he has no compassion whatsoever for their plight. It proves his statement that he “understands” is pure baloney.

Protests have continued in New York, asking for the Governor to open up the economy again so people can go back to work and feed their families.  Cuomo told that that if they want to work, they should go get a job as an essential worker.

When WRGB reporter Anne McCloy mentioned that no one was hiring because of the pandemic, Cuomo told her:

“No, there are people hiring. You can get a job as an essential worker, so now you can go to work and you can be an essential worker and you’re not going to kill anyone.”

What a kind response. Understanding too. Protesters began calling him “King Cuomo,” and “Dictator Cuomo.” Those are likely the nicer statements from protesters.

New York was the hardest hit of all the states by the coronavirus, with 474 deaths on Wednesday this week. Cuomo told reporters that nonessential businesses will remain closed through May 15.

It’s no consolation for small business owners who are facing unmitigated financial ruin. Cuomo claimed to be “moving heaven and earth” to help New Yorkers. Earth, maybe. Heaven, not likely.

The Washington Examiner wrote,

“The governor was asked at a press conference Wednesday to respond to the quarantine protesters who say the state’s economic lockdown cannot continue as-is because their cash savings are running out. After a lengthy back-and-forth with a reporter, Cuomo eventually said that if broke, out-of-work New Yorkers want a job so badly, then they should become “essential.”

That is some great advice. Why didn’t the more than 73,900 New Yorkers, including bricklayers, steelworkers, and carpenters, who lost their jobs between February and March, think of that first and become Amazon deliverymen?”

Andrew Cuomo is a multi-millionaire whose net worth is said to be around $5 million, and makes around $200,000 per year as Governor of New York. (The Street) He is the highest paid Governor in the US. It is not likely that this pandemic has harmed his finances in any way.

Obviously, there will have to be common sense moves on the part of New Yorkers when the Governor does open up again. But his lack of empathy reeks of elitism.

But the shutdowns have seriously damaged the finances of many New Yorkers, particularly the unemployed and small business owners.  Based on what you’ve seen of him so far, does the Governor actually have sympathy for the protesters?

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  • JARHEAD Mike-Foxtrot

    Guess Who Coined this term, “Essential Worker” ???

    What happens to non-essential workers??? …

    … I’m not interested in being labeled an “Essential Worker”,

    I am even less interested in being labeled a “Non-Essential Worker.”

    I am interested in being labeled “Resistance – considered armed & dangerous.”

    But that’s just me ..

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