Cubans Marched Against Communism: ”We Are Not Afraid!”

Faye Higbee
cubans marched

Little food, no medicine, power blackouts, gas shortages…these things have been the “norm” for Cubans for 62 years. But the Communist regime is fomenting extreme anger among the people. Over the weekend, thousands of Cubans marched on the streets in 32 cities across the island nation to demand freedom, chanting ”Libertad!” and ”No Tenemos Miedo!” (We are not afraid). They want an end to the Communist regime. (Keep in mind that these people are NOT armed.)

“Frustration with the dictatorships incompetence, greed & repression is mounting rapidly.”

Senator Marco Rubio

Cubans marched against Communism

The Communist regime mobilized their “shock troops” or “repression squads” to attack the protesters. Dictator Miguel Diaz Canel answered the protests by sending out his order for combat mode. One journalist, Associated Press photographer Ramón Espinosa, was hit and bloodied by the repression squads. In the city of Santiago, at least one policeman joined the marchers.

Screenshot via Marco Rubio
Screenshot via Twitter of a Santiago policeman marching with protesters

Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, the daughter of Cuban exiles, said that Diaz-Canel’s regime is now shutting off internet on the island.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, also the son of Cuban exiles, whose city has a significant Cuban diaspora, called for an American-led intervention.

“Cubans are worthy and ready to rule themselves without tyranny,” Suarez said during a press conference. “It can end today and it must end today. The implications of this moment can mean freedom for millions of people in the hemisphere, from Nicaraguans and Venezuelans and so many more.”

The Epoch Times

The Left-wing New York Times stated that chanting “freedom” was an anti-government slogan.

Twitter decided that the whole protest was about Covid ”awareness” – but this is a movement about freedom from Communism, not about medicine shortages (which have occurred steadily for 62 years).

The protesters moved to the Communist Party headquarters, shouting, “Cuba isn’t Yours!”

The Cuban people are tired of Communist rule and want real freedom. Even with the new dictator who took over after the Castro’s, the hope of gaining the upper hand against the regime is dim. They are an unarmed populace, just like the ones in Venezuela and Nicaragua. The brutal repression of their population has been ongoing since Fidel took over the island. We have written numerous articles about Communism in Cuba, from our CEO Rick Ferran to business owners who have literally escaped from that environment. America tried before to dislodge the Communists, and because of lousy planning, failed. We’ll see what happens with this new wave of freedom loving Cubans. #SOSCuba #PatriaYVida


Featured photo: Twitter screenshot via Giancarlo Sopa “Watch as Cubans wave the American flag while marching against the island’s 62 year-old communist dictatorship on the streets of Havana.”

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