Crumbley Family in Custody: Oxford Shooter and Parents

Faye Higbee

The Crumbley family is in custody, from the Oxford shooter to his parents. It has been learned that the father purchased the 9mm handgun for his son as a gift, along with 3 magazines. He allegedly kept it in an unlocked drawer in the couple’s bedroom. The parents have been charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter, and the son with 24 felonies.

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The Crumbley family – Ethan, 15

Fifteen year old Ethan Crumbley is being charged as an adult, and has pleaded not guilty. The video showed Crumbley entering a bathroom with a backpack, and emerging with the gun. Surveillance footage of the Oxford shooting left Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Mark Keast at a loss for words:

What’s depicted on that video, honestly, judge, I don’t have the words to describe how horrific that was…He methodically and deliberately walked down a hallway, aimed the firearm at students and fired it. After children started running away from the defendant, he continued down the hallway, again at a deliberate and methodical pace, pointing and aiming inside classrooms and at students who hadn’t had the opportunity to escape.”

Assisant Oakland County Prosecutor Mark Keast

Investigation revealed that it was preplanned (as we previously reported). The alleged shooter went to school that day with the intent to murder as many students as possible. He shot his victims at close range in the “cheeks, jaws, shoulders and necks.” He was seen by witnesses “tugging” on doors and firing into the rooms, even through the doors, killing 4 and sending 7 to the hospital. Four students remain hospitalized, three have been released, including the 47 year old teacher.

Ethan’s older brother, 18, told news media that his younger brother had NOT been bullied, and couldn’t fathom how he snapped.

The Crumbley Parent Nexis

The morning of the shooting a teacher contacted his parents because she was extremely concerned about him searching for ammunition in class, as well as a drawing she saw on his desk.

Approximately 10 a.m. the next day, just three hours before the deadly rampage, Jennifer and James Crumbley were called to the school to meet with administrators about a drawing and notations a teacher saw on the 15-year-old boy’s desk…

“Thereafter, Jennifer Crumbley exchanged text messages about the incident with her son, where she stated, ‘LOL I’m not mad. You have to learn not to get caught.’”

“The note contained the following: a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointed at the words, ‘The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.’ In another section of the note was a drawing of a bullet with the following words above that bullet: ‘Blood everywhere.’ Between the drawing of the gun and the bullet is the drawing of a person who appears to have been shot twice and bleeding. Below that figure is the drawing of a laughing emoji. Further down the drawing are the words, ‘My life is useless,’ and to the right of those words are, ‘The world is dead,’” 


Ethan is charged with 24 counts, which includes one count of terrorism causing death and 4 counts of 1st degree murder.

The Crumbley Family: James and Jennifer. “You have to learn not to get caught”

Prosecutors say the pair are culpable because they stored the firearm their son is accused of using at Oxford High School in an unlocked drawer in their bedroom, and because they didn’t alert authorities of the possibility he had the weapon on the day of the shooting.

Karen McDonald, the county prosecutor, told the court that evidence showed the parents bought the gun for Ethan Crumbley, pointing to social media posts from Jennifer Crumbley in which she told followers she took Ethan to a shooting range with a weapon that was his Christmas present.

The Epoch Times

After learning of the intent to launch an attack that very day, the parents opted to leave Ethan in the school. After news of the shooting, James Crumbley called to say the gun was missing. Even after the meeting with the school, the oblivious parents didn’t see the problem with their son. It is unclear whether they bothered to check to see if the gun was missing before the shooting. Now four students are dead, 7 people were wounded, and a community traumatized.

Then the parents allegedly ran. Though according to The Epoch Times, they claim they were not fleeing, they were ultimately arrested in a vacant commercial building after law enforcement searched for them. The attorney representing James told the court that the drawer police said was unlocked was actually locked and Ethan did not have access to it. Police did not say the lock on the drawer was jimmied or broken.

Police took multiple long guns from the home when they searched it. Bond for the parents has been set at $500,000 each. They are charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter.


Featured screenshot: mugshots of James, Ethan, and Jennifer Crumbley via Oakland County Sheriff’s Department

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