Crossfit Says Goodbye to Facebook, Instagram


As of May 22, 2019, Crossfit officially dumped their Facebook and Instagram accounts, calling the platforms “Utopian Socialists.” Crossfit, the nationally popular fitness program, bagged it after Facebook arbitrarily and without warning took down the 1.65 million user Banting7DayMealPlan group. And although that group was ultimately restored, Crossfit founder Greg Glassman decided to pull the plug because of the arbitrary way they are doing things.

A statement issued on May 22, reads, in part:

Facebook…serves as a de facto authority over the public square, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and communities who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to this platform. This mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process.

CrossFit, Inc., as a voluntary user of and contributor to this marketplace, can and must remove itself from this particular manifestation of the public square when it becomes clear that such responsibilities are betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of our community.

Crossfit listed 8 reasons why they left the platforms:

1.  Facebook collects and aggregates user information and shares it with state and federal authorities, as well as security organizations from other countries.

2.  Facebook collaborates with government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM.

3.  Facebook censors and removes user accounts based on unknown criteria and at the request of third parties including government and foreign government agencies.

4.  Facebook collects, aggregates, and sells user information as a matter of business. Its business model allows governments and businesses alike to use its algorithmically conjured advertising categories as sophisticated data-mining and surveillance tools.

5.  Facebook’s news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook’s utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.

6.  Facebook, as a matter of business and principle, has weak intellectual property protections and is slow to close down IP theft accounts.

7.  Facebook has poor security protocols and has been subject to the largest security breaches of user data in history.

And finally,

8.  Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease. In this, it follows the practices of Wikipedia and other private platforms that host public content but retain the ability to remove or silence—without the opportunity for real debate or appeal—information and perspectives outside a narrow scope of belief or thought. In this case, the approved perspective has resulted in the deaths of millions through preventable diseases. Facebook is thus complicit in the global chronic disease crisis.

They’re right, you know. And it’s food for thought.

What do you think? What would a #MAGAExodus do to Facebook? Many smaller platforms have tried. But the sheer volume of membership on the platform makes it difficult for survival if a business is involved. Crossfit has a large enough international membership that they should do fine.

In the best of all worlds, such actions wouldn’t be necessary. Instead of taking it upon themselves to police more than true threats and instead of calling for government regulation of expression, Facebook and other social media services would treat their platforms as free-speech zones and focus instead on providing users with tools to personalize their experiences.

But that isn’t the world we live in, so CrossFit’s public excoriation of Facebook serves an important corrective function. If more high-profile individuals, companies, content creators, and accounts take similar action, it’ll be a more libertarian outcome than the government regulation increasingly supported by both liberals and conservatives.

Featured photo: Crossfit workouts via the Daily Burn by Pond5